I was chatting to a friend on Pink Sofa yesterday who has been a bit under the weather … she proudly announced in a message that she was feeling at ease with the world as she had just had a “satisfying big poo”.    After I had stopped laughing I got to thinking ..

Life with all it’s twists and turns IS like a toilet..

We all have to live life, we all have to go to the loo…

Sometimes life is easy, sometimes tough .. (we all know where I am coming from here!)

Sometimes life is desperate .. just like needing the loo!

Sometimes life is full of shit …. (enough said!)

Sometimes life is dirty and mucky and we struggle with it (we have all been in public toilets like that!)

But through life, we pick up experience and little markers that stay with us .. just like graffitti in a loo!

In the end, no matter how we hold back, or what we hold back.. it all has to come out in the end!

Brave up ladies.. face life.. use that loo!  <smile>