passion peace

There are times in life when we lose things without really realising it.

I knew that for a long time I had lost my peace, but over the past couple of years I have deliberately chosen a way of life that let me find my peace, and myself, again.

I found that with my new role as a Celebrant that the passion that I had held for recruitment for many years before it ebbed away, had returned.

I was at peace, I was single, my life was full and I was content.  I was also wrong.

Out of nowhere a wonderful lady fell into my life.   I say fell, as neither of us were looking for anything more than friendship but that “something” that you just cannot put your finger on, or understand, happened.

And I am so glad it did.

Suddenly there is a spark in me again.  I guess it was always there, but I had forgotten just how nice it is to feel really passionately about another person.   I did have passion for my work, but on a personal level I had just sort of forgotten about it.

The great thing about this relationship is that it is not just passion, I am old enough and wise enough to know that passion does eventually die down and it is what you are then left with that matters.

What I have now is a feeling of peace and calmness with what is going on … it just feels right.  I have a woman who is beautiful, funny, kind, caring and simply wonderful! … there is no need for pretence or hidden agenda’s … it just feels perfectly peaceful and right…. we just fit.

I have found a woman who has not only managed to give me more peace than I already had .. but has rekindled the spark of passion in me.

I feel alive again…. and it feels wonderful!