Even with all the troubles and tragedies that the world has seen during 2015, personally, it has been a good year for me… my work has taken off even better than I 2015-11-28 20.24.30had hoped and I have met a very special lady in my lovely Cath.   I have also managed to lose 2 stone .. although I have come to a slight halt with losing more at the moment (too busy enjoying myself!) … on the downside my lovely wee cat Bo disappeared in August .. which has upset me … but I like to think that she has found a lovely new home where she is being treated like the princess she always thought she was!

But .. Jilly.. my other cat that I gained when her owner passed away … has turned into the most lovely wee friendly thing … not the nervous, shy soul she was when Bo was around …

My auld dug Brae is getting older .. and has had a few problems with her back leg and now with a nasty abscess that suddenly appeared on her face. Tomorrow she goes to the vet to have a number of teeth removed .. just what I need the week before Christmas!  Thankfully my teeth are still fine!

It has been a year when I have had to work hard .. but I truly have found a job that I have a real passion about … and long may that continue.

2016 is nearly upon us .. and I’m really looking forward to it .. first of all we have a lovely holiday arranged to Malta for the end of January and there may be a move on the cards … but don’t get over excited .. we are not moving in together .. there may be an opportunity for me to move into a bigger cottage close to where I live .. and I am seriously considering it. It would mean I could have a completely separate office .. (which is currently taking over my living room!) .. and it has central heating .. I do love my coal fire .. but .. it is a pain when it is pouring with rain or I am feeling too damn lazy *smile* .. anyway .. we shall see on that ..

In the meantime my plans for next year are to continue to work hard .. to maintain what I have achieved this year .. to keep my Cath laughing ..and to get that other 2 stone off!!  … I may even treat myself to a wee kitten ..

My wish for anyone who reads this is that you have a happy Christmas … I know many are not as lucky as I have been this year, but tough times (like good times!) never last forever … keep strong, keep plodding on … and one day you will realise that your troubles are behind you.

With peace and good wishes …