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 Gardening is a great thing .. it gives you time to think .. I was gardening today and enjoyed a bit of a revelation.

I am contented.

My life has, on the whole, been a very good one, ok Ive had a couple of times when things weren’t so good but on the whole it has been thoroughly enjoyable and I wouldnt wish to change a single thing.

It has been a journey of “happenings” .. Ive played for Scotland, Ive served in the Army.

Over the years Ive had lovers who have made me smile, made me cry and made me scream (wink!) .. Ive had a home and a business that I lost and now a new home that is everything I ever wanted.

I am lucky enough to have friends who I would lay down my life for (and that is not an exaggeration) who have listened to me, cajoeled me, shouted at me but always been there if I needed them. 

Im not the type who tends to “need” someone very often.. but when I do, it is nice to know they are they.

More importantly I have learned so much about me ..   there is a saying in business that you learn nothing during good business times and learn a lot during bad.

I think the same applies in life .. Ive learned a lot over the years, things that probably would have really bothered me 20 .. or even 10 years ago .. are not things that would bother me now at all.

I have come to the realisation that I actually quite like me.. sure, Im grumpy, Im impatient, my jokes are old and repeated at every opportunity but I am me.. and I am quite happy with me and my “plumptiouness”

What other people think about me is their problem .. it is not something I am prepared to worry about.

I am now back within 1.5 miles of where I left back in 1980 .. I have come home in body and in mind.

I am where I belong.

bouncy bouncy

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Life and relationships are both a bit of a minefield sometimes.. neither go smoothly and sometimes things can just explode in front of you.

No-one starts a business or a relationship with the view that it will fail.. it is started with excitement, energy, passion and a total belief that this is “right”.

Life and time teaches us otherwise.

Some take things too seriously, some take things too frivalously.. no-one, gets it right, ever.

The great thing is that we can and do bounce back .. our attitude and outlook are all important in how we succeed in EVERY aspect of life.

As many of you know I have recently come out of a “romantic” relationship BUT we are still linked in a “business” relationship.  More importantly we are still friends.

I would not want it any other way.  Sure we can argue at times (even now!), sure we are both ALWAYS right (correction .. Karen is ALWAYS right, I am NEVER wrong!) but we were and are two people with the same values.

Ok it didnt work out for us as a couple, but we have a fantastic legacy of a great wee business, smashing pets and hopefully, a strong friendship that will persevere.

Changes are scary .. but they are also exciting .. hopefully there are some great times ahead for both us.. both in joint business and in our seperate relationships. 

So .. <holding up coffee cup>  Cheers .. thanks .. surely its NOT my turn AGAIN to make coffee!  <grin> 

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