The power with not being in love ….

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fwbFriends with Benefits is a situation that some people find confusing,  some find it disgusting.  Others .. like me .. find it is something that suits us.

Relationships genuinely confuse me … one minute you are lovers .. sharing the most intimate parts of your life .. and body with someone .. then you break up … and in some cases become nothing to each other.

I have never quite got my head around that … maybe my brain is wired differently .. but when I have been intimate with someone I tend to care for them .. no matter how much hurt blankets it … if I am totally honest there has never been anyone I have had in my bed that I wouldn’t go out of my way to help … 

Friends with Benefits can work beautifully .. I have never had a “FWB” that has caused any upset or drama in my life … it is based on honesty, friendship and care … and a little bit of love .. but not the type of love that makes you want to spend your life with someone … something much more free than that .. a genuine warmth and affection for someone.

I have had mind blowing sex with some FWB’s … I have had boring sex in some relationships ..  but somehow the “act” of sex doesn’t matter … sometimes it is the intimacy and the affection that is important. 

For me intimacy and affection is based on honesty and truth .. and sadly I have found that easier to find in FWB’s than some relationships.    

However …. I am not knocking relationships .. I have had some long term relationships that were based on honesty and truth and I was happy … but sometimes relationships run their course … sometimes you end up being companions or just friends .. and it is hard to get back what you have lost.   

For me FWB’s give me the freedom to enjoy my life (I do not mean sleeping around!) I mean my life, as I like it … time on my own, no drama .. and the opportunity to look forward and “romance” someone … yes .. romance can play a part in FWB situation .. you can flirt, you can look forward to seeing her … you can enjoy her for who she is .. and she can enjoy you for who you are….   with no expectation, no broken promises and no losing of friendship at the end of it.    

Most FWB situations do not develop into a relationship ..sometimes they just come along at the right time .. when you need something to give you a wee smile in your life … but they do not hurt .. they do not “turn” on you ….

I am an advocate of FWB’s …. not because I do not want to be monogamous … but because I am sick of liars, backstabbers and losing friendships …  this has happened in relationships .. but never with FWB’s …

The downside of FWB’s is that sometimes someone wants more than you can give .. or want to  give … even when you are totally honest with someone they will only hear what they want to hear … and they can sometimes let their dreams turn a FWB situation to much more in their head.

So .. my only advice .. if you are considering a FWB … be honest .. do not think that it will turn into a relationship .. most do not … just accept it for what it is … enjoy … and know that you will probably always have this person in your life … and a closeness that is beautiful … you do not always have to be loved … you do not always have to love … just enjoy .. you may just find that is enough.

That is love.


ImageA friend of mine posted something on Facebook today …   part of it is posted below:

“I fall in “LIKE” easily…. But it’s very hard for me to fall in “LOVE”…. Let me explain.

In the beginning people show you the best side of them, the side they know you’ll like… They always seem almost perfect and you can’t believe your luck. You can’t believe someone who’s almost perfect and single is giving you an opportunity…. and that’s why I fell in “LIKE” really easily…. Because I liked what they were showing me in the beginning. I started thinking this person’s great, amazing, almost perfect and I can see a future….. 
Here’s where it changed…. They’ll do something, say something or start to change their character in a way where you’re like “hold on this isn’t the person I liked”…. 
Too many people are “temporary” or “throw away” because they’re fake or can’t be truly themselves in the beginning. And that’s why I find it hard to fall in “LOVE”.
I just wanted someone who’s consistently the same. No switching and changing on me.”

This rung a chord with me … 

People will say what they think you want to hear in order to get what they want.   I have fallen for some wonderful old lines “Im not like that” “let me show you what it feels to be loved” .. and in the end they have been just words.   

I do not think I am a particularly complex person .. simple things make me happy … I like peace, I like to laugh, I like to feel secure and wanted.

I cannot stand being constantly let down, disappointed, not listened to or feel like I am being used…. or in one case, like a secret that was too embarrassing to admit to.   Yet, in a relationship, I find that this is often how I feel.

I made a conscious decision to take time out for myself a couple of years ago .. I needed the time to concentrate on fixing me rather than trying to always be the support for someone else.  It is a decision I do not regret, it has made me see myself in a different light, what I need, what I want and to let things go that used to play on my mind.    

I have been very lucky with the close friends that I have, who have understood that sometimes I just need to be alone .. to potter, to do nothing, to think … to be me… but if I have needed them or wanted company, they have been there with their silent, but very appreciated, support.

I have a very different life to the one I had a year ago … I have no stress, no worry, I have peace in my heart and in my mind . and it is truly a beautiful thing to realise that you wake up happy every morning.

Maybe I am destined to remain single … I am certainly not worried about whether I meet someone or not .. but I do know that when, and IF, I do meet someone it will not be someone who sets my soul on fire for a short time … it will be someone who makes me feel the embers always, someone I can rely on.  Someone who gives me peace.

For me, that is love.

Friendships that last

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I have just spent a few days with a couple of old pals of mine who, after 15 years of asking, eventually managed to drag themselves up to Scotland.

They managed to chill out and relax (they run a pub in Chester and are always working!) and I thoroughly enjoyed their company and the laughs!  (not to mention the wine and the vodka!).

Friendship is a funny thing … some of the people who you think will be in your life forever slide away… some slowly, some suddenly and sometimes we beat ourselves up about it.   I know I used to.

Time and age teach you great things … more about yourself than other people, as we all grow and change at different times.

I am very, very lucky with the friends that I have in my life… and I know it.   They make my life richer and more beautiful and of course much, much more fun!

There will always be fairweather friends who come and go in your life, that is just the way it is.   However there will be others who will be friends and in your life for a long time, you won’t have to spend all your free time with them, you may only see them now and again but you know in your heart that they would do for you what you would do for them.

These friendships have meaning, they are based on trust and loyalty and a maturity that sadly evades some.

These are the friends that I love … thank you …

Travelling through life …

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As we meander down our paths of fate we experience things that stay with us forever.

Sometimes these things are unexpected .. a view that etches itself into your brain. an experience that changes us or marks us forever,  a song that touches us to our soul… or the people we meet on our journey that open up a part of us we never knew existed.

I read a post the other day that said that sometimes in life we meet people on our travels, that will travel with us for the whole journey, some for part of it and others we should leave at the kerb.

I guess I have traveled the majority of my journey through life and yet I still find myself surprised at the attitude of some people… you end up being caught up in someone else’s insecurities, lies, ego and jealousy.

Frankly, I have had enough of this in my past that has left me suspicious and questioning of people’s motives.   

I tend to be open, maybe too open and I find that the people who cannot handle my openness are people who have a lot to hide…. or are suspicious of me because I am so open.

I have nothing to hide in my life …. don’t get me wrong … I’m far short of perfect and I have made some horrendous fuck up’s … but I accept that .. I accept a lot about me now that I never understood when I was younger and I’m ok with that.  It is done.  It has gone.

I am going to continue on my own little merry way … taking the steps and the path I want to take .. I have friends in my life that I love completely .. and they know it … and it will remain that way.   They bring joy to my life and make me happy … and I am not prepared to lose that.




I’ve never been to me ….


We all live our lives as society deems we should. Some of us try to live our lives honestly, but few of us ever manage to live our life as we truly want to.

Over the years I have lived as I felt I should, but always dreaming of another life, the perfect life… does it exist .. who knows… I live a happy life, one that I am content with .. but it is not all that I wanted.

I wanted to be loved as deeply as I love … not just a shallow love that is all words and sex .. but the true feeling of being loved totally, for all my good .. and my numerous bad points. I seem to end up feeling like a companion or that I am being used … both of these unsettle me and I have to move on.

I have never felt truly loved … I have fantastic friends who I love and I know who love me … but .. I have never felt the comfort of knowing that how I feel is reflected back in what I receive.

I have always said that there are two types of people in this world … the people who are born to be loved and others, like me, who are born to love.

As the years and relationships have passed I have become more and more disheartened with the idea of having to share my life with someone. Not because I don’t want to .. but simply because I find more peace by being on my own than I do when I am a relationship where I feel my feelings are wasted.

I doubt I am the only person who feels like this … maybe I just blurt out what I should keep quiet.. but I like to write from my heart .. from that place deep inside that hides the shadows of our doubts …

It will be interesting to see replies to this …

The path of life

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I am well traveled on the path of life.

I have taken many a wrong turn or ended up at a dead end, but I have always thought I knew where I was heading and, even if it has taken me a long time, I have found my way back to the path I thought I should be on.

It has taken me a long, long time to realise that the path I thought I should be on, is one that was never going to make me feel fulfilled or happy.

Looking back last year I was lucky to find myself in a situation (not through choice!) where I had to decide whether to keep on the same path or take the decision to be happy and follow the path that was in my heart, instead of in my head.

My goal in life is not to be rich or successful, I just want to be happy.  I am so lucky in many ways, I have peace in my head and my heart and wonderful people who will be with me as I travel along this new path.

This time I will take time to stop and look around me and appreciate all of what I have … 

I will stop thinking about the “what if’s” … and just accept what is.    

And I will love without fear.

This is my path.



It’s Valentines day

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Image by Bakahouken.deviantart.com

Valentines day.  When smitten lovers or hopeful lovers spend a fortune on romance.   

Ok … maybe I’m a wee bit cynical .. but I have been pondering over the thought of romance and love and how different we all “believe” love to be.

This is my own, very personal view of how I see love.   You may not all agree with me … that is your right, but this is what makes me feel loved and how I show it.    

I truly believe that to be successful in love that you have to meet someone who can walk the journey of life, and it’s trials and tribulations, alongside you.   You have to have the same morals in life, the same expectations, the same desires.   Without any of these you will never make a relationship work, no matter how much you love someone.

You need someone who appreciates you for the little things, who is grateful for all the things you do from the heart and who truly wants to be with you.   To plan things with you, to spend time alone with you doing nothing, 

I enjoy being single … I cannot stand drama or uncertainty in my life but there are times when I wake up during the night and I miss not having someone to snuggle into or to hold her hand.

I am not very romantic at heart, … my way of showing I care is in a practical and probably very boring way to some, but to someone else it will be perfect.  

I don’t expect everything to be rosy, there will be arguments, there has to be to make a relationship work for both, but I do believe in compromise…. as long as it runs both ways!

I also appreciate being able to talk to someone.. but they must be able to listen, to understand, to read between the lines… and you can only do this if you are really interested in someone.

What I do want to do is make someone smile, from their lips to their heart … someone I want to hold, in silence at times and laughing our heads off at other times.

I want someone who when they say “I love you” means it … forever, not just for the time and the circumstance but really means it.

Someone who will be as excited as me to plan wee trips and holidays together.

I think what I am trying to say is that I want someone who really makes me believe that our relationship truly is about “us” .. and not me always pampering to them…. that just makes me feel used and that there is an ulterior motive.

Maybe I expect too much … but I do know that I need someone mature enough to compromise and who really understands and  values a partnership.

Until she comes along … I will stay single .. my life is too good to spoil it with meaningless relationships where I end up feeling used or taken advantage of … I know I have a kind heart … someone out there will grab it and appreciate it … until then .. I will cuddle my dog!!



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Another requested blog  

Some of ‘us’ love being on our own,do you think that is where mistresses come in?


Mistresses is not a word I would use, I see that as being someone who is involved with someone who is already in a relationship.

I tend to say “Friends with Benefits” … and yes I have gone down that route … I have also had casual one night stands.   

I have now moved on to another place .. to be honest I can’t be bothered … sex is sex … and sometimes very good BUT sex with love is something much more, something deeper and more emotional. 

I know the good and bad of FWB … and at the time it suited me fine … as it may for a lot of people out there, the physical need to be held and made to feel special is something that some people need from this type of “alliance”.   It always left me feeling that there was something missing .. I need the emotional connection and that doesn’t come easy.

I like being on my own, purely for emotional reasons .. I NEED quietness and peace of mind .. it is important to me and I am not prepared to give that up .. it took me a long, long time to find it.

I would rather be on my own than in a relationship that does not give me what I need.   I cannot be doing drama and I can’t put up with lies or feeling that I am just a handy option for someone, and I will not, under any circumstances, be a dirty wee secret.

Would I go back into a relationship .. well, yes … if I met someone who was on the same wavelength as me .. someone who is happy in their life, someone who understands that I need my “own time”.

Would I consider casual sex or FWB now .. No … been there, done that … moved on.

The wrong relationship?

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Picture from Slapix.com

The second of two requested blogs!

In a way the caption in the picture sums up what it feels like when you are in a relationship that is wrong for you.

You do feel alone, you realise your partner thinks “me” and not “us” and you know that no amount of talking will make them able to hear you.

Frustration sets in … you begin to think “WTF” and you switch off .. 

I am not sure if there is anything than can be called a “wrong relationship” … but there are relationships that make you realise exactly what you don’t want.

In reality you have to meet someone who compliments you .. they may be the complete opposite from from you, they may be very like you .. but somehow you are travelling in the same direction .. just not necessarily on the same path.

Listen to your gut instinct .. you KNOW when someone loves you .. you can feel it, without words being said.   Words are cheap .. they mean nothing really … go with what you know, not what you are told.

Crushes … the truth

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Image by Msmagazine.com

Having a crush on someone is no bad thing … it happens, sometimes these crushes last a couple of days .. a couple of weeks or for years!

It is a lovely wee thing to have someone that you look forward to seeing, or to see them appear on Facebook and when you catch their attention .. WOW.. the wee jump of excitement you get is wonderful.

BUT .. we have to remember that a crush is just that, it is in our imagination and not reality… it is not love .. it is not a relationship .. it is not a right to demand someone’s attention or time … it is something in us .. and we have to accept that in most cases the object of our crush does not feel the same way!

A crush that is mutual can grow into something else .. something deeper and something more real but often when we actually get to know the person we have a crush on, our way of thinking towards them changes.   They often turn out to be not the person we imagined they are and so we move on from our crushes easily and with no lasting damage.

Love on the other hand is a completely different matter.  It is not the roses round the door and the romantic expectation that we read in the books – it is more than that, it is a deep care and respect where we want the very best for someone, whether it includes you or not.

We have all had crushes, we have all moved on.  We have all loved, we have all hurt, eventually we all move on.

If we think we have moved on and our first thought and last thought of the day are of that person, or we check our messages and emails in the hope that there is something there from that person, then perhaps we have to admit to ourselves, no matter how hard it is to accept, that we still love that person.

As we grow older we realise what we need in our lives to make us happy .. the type of person that makes a partner is not always the type of person we have a crush on. 

For me a partner is someone who thinks “us” and not “me” … someone who genuinely wants to listen to me and understands that there is more to me than the clown that I often appear to be.

If I give my heart to someone, they have a part of it always .. I don’t do superficial love …. I do not fall in love easily .. It takes someone who can touch my soul, and women like that do not come along often.

I enjoy having a wee crush on someone now and again … but in my heart of hearts I do know when someone is “for me” and when someone “is just a crush” …   

Here is to crushes … the nice little smiles that light up inside of us, even if for a wee while .. enjoy them but recognise them for what they are.

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