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  I have a cold.  It is not swine flu or man flu, just a cold. 

I have a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing fits, coughing fits and a sore throat.  I do not feel particularly ill (actually not at all!) but it is bloody annoying.   I had a rotten cough for weeks that only disappeared about a month ago and now I’m coughing like and old fishwife all over again!

I am trying to do some work on our business blog at the moment .. it is a lot different to this one as it is “profeshinal” and takes a lot more thought.

I asked on Twitter for comments on it and received some very interesting replies – mainly positive but a couple that had problems with the layout.  One of my contacts asked to call me.  Turns out he has just won a big award for his blog and he gave me some fantastic tips and guidelines about layout, about RSS feeds (I had no clue what they were!) and other great resources that allows me to search blogs, websites and all social media sites for mentions of the company or anything else that I want to search for.

I was really surprised that he took the time to have an interest and wanted to help me.  The result is that I completely changed the format of the blog and I have some fantastic ideas (he sent me a list of things I could blog about).

It goes to show that sometimes even with the briefest of contact on Twitter, Facebook and the like you really can meet people who can help you, without expecting any benefit from it.

A lesson for us perhaps?


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I am a bit fed up with this cold weather. 

I know I have a wee bit of a dodgy left leg but all this cold is making it very painful at the moment and I am finding it very hard to get comfy at night.  Last night I was “sent” to the spare room because of my tossing and turning.  Not only that but for some reason the cold seems to be affecting my left arm and hand too .. I must have a weaker left side.  I have a constant feeling in my arm and hand that feels like the blood is rushing back in .. bloody annoying and I’m feeling a bit of an old git!

I am definitely a woman of two halves at the moment .. bad dodgy left side and perfect happy right side! … I wish it would warm up .. I’m sure it would make moving around much easier!

I am a bit taken aback by how much I am feeling the cold this year .. I was the type of person who NEVER wore a coat!  Now I don’t want to take it off .. I think I have lost the race with old age .. it has caught me and is enjoying running riot with my body!

I may have to invest in a thermal long sleeved vest and some thermal long johns! .. I don’t care if they are old fashioned and a bit stupid .. as long as they help me I may just do it!

Look out for sexy pictures on my blog   Haaaaaa!


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To love is to admire with the heart; to admire is to love with the mind

(Theophile Gautier)

I admire many people who are in my life .. some of them from various social media, some of them in “real life”.  These are not famous people, just normal everyday people going about their lives and doing something quiet extraordinary.

I have decided to give some mentions to people who, over the past year, have made me sit up and go “wow” – they are in no particular order.. or maybe I should say they are all equal first! 

My Friends Karen and Belinda (Twanky!) – they have opened their home and their lives to take in a mentally disabled lady to give her a more settled and loving home.

My great pal Ruth (Lubey) – who has a housefull of children, 3 jobs and an elderly mother that she finds time to care for and still remains one of the funniest women I know.

Josie George (@Porridgebrain) – a young mum and writer who has struggled with her life as a mother, no sleep and writing deadlines to come through the other side a funny, caring and very all rounded woman!

Dotty Finlow (@dottymummy) – a mother and wife who has known the highs and lows of life but who is emerging stronger every day

My mum! – a great old dear – bit of an old bugger, who never lets life get her down, sometimes she drives me mad but she always makes me laugh, gives me terrible advice and still treats me like a 12 year old – she has never ending faith in me which I find amazing after all I have put her through!

Jane Woods (@janecwoods) – A truly motivational lady – fantastic advice, great personality and someone who always makes me smile

Ena Conyon (@secondchancefife) – Ena is brilliant – she rescues and rehomes dogs – a woman who’s love knows no bounds for our 4 legged friends (and Frank!).  She has the determination of a Rottweiler .. but the heart of a Poodle!

There are more of you out there who have also made me smile with what you do or what you have achieved – but these are the peope I would love to get round a dinner table at the same time ..

I wish …

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I would love to have some talent .. in a creative sense.   My only claim to being able to do anything well is in my far distant past when I was a bit of a hockey player.  I have 8 caps for Scottish Schoolgirls but bad knees sadly put an end to playing really competitive hockey when I was in my early 20’s.  I did play around for another decade or so but never to the same level and to be honest, my heart was never really in it.. I just enjoyed the social side and the lovely people I met.

One of my best friends is wonderfully creative.. she can draw, she has an “eye” for design that just whooshes over my head.  She now runs her own upholstery/interior design business and does a bloody good job!.

I did intend taking up pottery .. but the classes I can attend are fully booked for years to come and the others are on when I am in work … so I have given up on that idea.

However.. I have always loved the patchwork crochet blankets (I had one as a kid and loved it!) .. so I have decided to take up crocheting! … now.. friends of mine who read this will, no doubt, be hooting with laughter .. but I need something else in my life.. I am a bit of a workaholic .. I know this .. and I also get bored very easily so I need something .. Im not sure crochetting (does it have 2 t’s ?) will be it but I am going to give it a try.  

I have a project in mind that I would like to complete by next Christmas ..

Watch this space ..

What I now know..

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I know that I will never be a page 3 model

I know that I will never be a millionaire by the time I’m 50

I know that money is not what drives me

I know that sometimes I am my own worst enemy

I know that perhaps I am a bit narky

I know that I like a simplier, quieter way of life

I know that growing old does not scare me

I know that I have had a great life so far

I know that I have met some wonderful people along the way

I know that good friendships do last

I know that love lasts, passion doesn’t

I know that I wouldn’t change a thing (good or bad!) from my past

I know that I am quite happy to accept all my faults

I know me

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