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All the hurt and pain you go through in life is worth it…. simply because in the end you find someone honest and true… so to all the girls I’ve met before…. thank you… I wish you well!

A sniffle and a snuggle!

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My lovely Linda is flying up today for a long weekend.

Sadly, she will have to put up with me sniffing and coughing again! The cold that started when I was down at hers is still hanging about!

I have a lot to do before I pick her up from the airport… an hour of torture with my physio… a tribute to write… then drop Sprout off at my mums… plus waiting on my Tesco delivery … and packing the car!

It’s going to be a funny weekend without any dogs around… our first together without a furry “bairn” trying to squeeze between us!….

Tonight we are heading straight up to Pitlochry… before heading for Glencoe via The House of Bruar tomorrow…. I’m so looking forward to showing Linda my most favourite place in the world…. as well as chilling out in the hot tub with a wee glass of champagne.

I am one very lucky woman!


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This bloody cold is just not leaving me!

Serves me right for topless swimming in Linda’s pool I suppose!   But in reality it had been hanging around even before I went down to Linda’s …. down there it came out in force and is still causing me great problems with a really nasty cough and snotty nose!

I also recently gave up smoking again so perhaps that is adding to my coughing!

Today, I was really worried about a funeral I had to take in Edinburgh, so popped into Morrisons and bought some Covonia… hopefully that will break the back of this cough!

Linda is coming up here on Thursday and we are off to the Old Mill in Pitlochry and then Glencoe House for a couple of nights … we have a hot tub … perhaps that will help me too.  I hope so, because I am getting grumpy with it now!


A rare thing indeed …

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When a memory makes you smile…

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This photo popped up in my Facebook memories today and brought a smile to my face.

It was taken during my “best woman” speech at the wedding of my great pals Kate and Fiona.

It was one of those days that stay with you … for the fun, friendships and the celebration of love!

A great day …

Update on Sandy Dick

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We have traced him via his son’s electrical company …

All information will be in the hands of my solicitor on Monday for Civil Proceeding and I will take his advice on when to pass to the police for criminal proceedings … should get interesting as the garage in Cowdenbeath that was known as Cowdenbeath Auto’s Limited will also be dragged into the proceedings ….  all because between them and Sandy Dick they were determined to keep selling knowingly unroadworthy and unsafe vehicles … would have been much easier and cheaper for them to just give me my money back … so be it … never underestimate an ex army lassy …. Ive come across bigger and badder that you load of pathetic wee cowboys ….

Not only have I got Sandy Dick’s address … I also have his photo …. complete with his jumper that reads “Village Cars Saline” …. what a twit this guy is!

Searching for Sandy Dick (Fife, Scotland)

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£500 reward for the person who gives me the current address for Sandy Dick (also known as Alexander Dick) who sold me a dodgy motorhome from Village Cars in Saline. I intend taking him to court to get my money back but the slimeball is too cowardly to answer my emails, phone messages or letters sent to Village Cars. I have been told that he no longer has anything to do with Village Cars … but not sure if that is accurate or not. £500 will be paid in cash as soon as address given is proven by my solicitor to be the right one.


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Day 5 of feeling like poop!

This cold/chest infection thing has really hit me hard and every time I cough I  sound like a rabid dog barking!

Thankfully the snotty nose and runny eyes part of it has cleared up but I’m still wheezing and coughing like an auld hag and my ribs are giving me a wee bit of discomfort!

I really need this to lift prompto! … Linda is coming back up here on Thursday and we are off to Pitlochry and then Glencoe for a few days!… the trouble is, Linda now thinks she may be coming down with it! …. ohhhh! I will not be popular!

I am going to have a quiet weekend, I am all caught up with work, so lounging about with Sprout will be the order of the day.. and I will start looking out clothes for my wee trip away!

Off to blow my nose!!

A lovely wee break!

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I have just returned from a marvelous 5 days down at Linda’s … we had the most wonderful weather and spent as much time as we could swimming in her pool … I managed to get my revenge for her naked hot tub dip at Loch Goil by jumping topless into her pool … that was caught on camera … whoops!

We fitted in a lot in my 5 days … visited Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill, went out to dinner with some of her friends to a wonderful italian in Eastbourne, went to London to see “Motown”, which was superb and Linda treated me to dinner at Veerashamy’s, the UK’s oldest indian restaurant.   Although the journey home was a nightmare as we were turfed off the train at Tunbridge Wells due to fatality on the line and had to get a taxi all the way back to Linda’s!

Sunday, we had a quiet day, because the cold that had been lurking in me came out in full force but we enjoyed Sunday dinner with Linda’s daughter and grandchildren.

Monday, I was still sniffy so we had a drive around the local area, lunch at a seaside restaurant in Eastbourne in the most beautiful weather, followed by a drive to Beachy Head and the surrounding area.   It really is a beautiful part of the country.

I flew home on Tuesday, still stuffed with the cold and Barry met me at the airport with Sprout, who has been spoiled rotten during my time away …. but she was the most cuddle wee thing last night.

Im looking forward to Linda coming up in just over a weeks time, this time we are off to Pitlochry for one night and then two nights in Glencoe… with another hot tub … can’t wait!


Oooyahhhh again!

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Second visit of the week to Abdur at Fife Physiotherapy Centre …. that man likes to torture! …. but in all seriousness after just two visits I am already feeling the benefits of his hard work.

He has told me that he has years of tightened muscles to fight in my leg and that it may be painful for me (it is!) … He is also working on my back as the muscles from the shoulder blades down are far too tight because they  are compensating for my limp!

For the first time in a lot of years I can walk and stand on the whole of my left foot and not just the ball … but he did point out to me that now, by habit, I am still tending to weight bear on my right … so I have to change my thinking a bit on that!

As far as my back goes, I can now move freely … I still have some discomfort in my hips but that is due to my arthritis so he won’t be able to do much with that … but I am hoping that after a few more sessions I can walk normally and for a reasonable distance again.

After all these years of being so fed up because nothing seemed to work, and just being plied painkillers, I honestly think I may have found a solution in this amazing man!

I fly down to Gatwick later today for a few days with Linda … she is going to be stunned at how well I am walking! I may even do a little trot towards her!

(then again …… maybe not!)

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