Where has this weekend gone?

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It’s been a busy weekend with family visits and writing by the score… and today all my bedroom and office furniture had been pulled out ready for Bev, my decorator, starting on Wednesday… to say it is a little chaotic is an understatement! I don’t like mess, it makes me crabbit LOL but by Friday I will have a newly decorated and office. I love the new wallpaper I have chosen and can’t wait to see it all finished.


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In life …

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A new old love

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Sometimes, from the past, a new breath of air gives new life to an old love.

This has happened to me.

All of a sudden I have fallen back in love with an old flame that used to be a huge part of my life.

I’m not the type to go back to ex’s… but this ex is different. This ex is exercise!

For so long any type of exercise (even duvet gymnastics) caused me various levels of pain, but since I discovered my physio the difference in my life is huge! My back may not yet be perfect and maybe never will, but it is now no longer a reason that made me stop doing the things that were once so important to me.

I am loving the new me, I’m loving that I WANT to exercise, even if I am not always very good at it (yet). Water Aerobics is a favourite, as is Clubbercise but Boogie Bounce may have to be put to one side for now, the jarring did hurt me a bit.

I am planning to try out different classes to find out what I can and cannot manage.

I still have a little money left from the money from the ISA that I was putting away for the “wedding” fund… and although it has bought me a new sofa and paid for decorating my cottage… I think the remainder will go towards a membership of my local health spa… it is perhaps the best present I could give myself… and keep my love for exercise alive. This time love may just be worth it!

.. and I did

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Early rise!

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Well it was an early rise for me today… my new sofa was delivered … they did say between 7am and 1pm … but I was expecting it to be later, rather than sooner.

I was wrong.

I was still in bed when I heard the lorry stop outside.  Luckily for me (but not for Vicky and James) they knocked on my neighbours door first, which gave me time find find my PJ’s and fling them on!

I had planned to get up and move my other sofa back against the radiator wall but they caught me out … so I just had them put it there … and I have spent the last half an hour jiggling the sofa’s (and the bloody heavy coffee table) to get it into the right place!

The great news about that is that I managed to do it myself, a few months ago I wouldn’t have managed with my back, but it is so much better.  Even my dodgy knees from yesterday are feeling ok! (I put it down to the crazy trampoline exercise!)

This is just the beginning of moving stuff this weekend, my bedroom and office are being decorated later in the week and I need my wardrobes and office cabinets all moved … my brother and his pal are coming to help tomorrow… and by next weekend my makeover of the cottage will be complete! I can’t wait.


When you get what you deserve!

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Ok Ok … maybe trying Boogie Bounce was a bit ambitious of me … and I am certainly paying for it today … my legs and hips are really painful and I’m walking as if I have just come off a horse.

Thankfully, I didn’t have far to drive today because just trying to move my legs is making me swear! (badly … every curse word you can think of!)

I was due to go to Clubbercise tonight but I think I would be silly to go when my knees are this sore … so I will have a wee break over the weekend and start again on Monday … although with 9 funerals next week, as well as family visits to do, and a talk to The Rotary and a Burns evening … my time is a wee bit limited … but I have managed to timetable in 2 water aerobic classes and a Zumba …

This weekend, my new sofa arrives tomorrow (yeahhh) …  I also have writing to do and try to get my bedroom and office ready for Bev coming later in the week to decorate … I’ve roped in my brother and sister to help me on Sunday but I am going to have to try to organise myself tomorrow to work out what clothes I will need for the week and hang them in the spare room, where I will be sleeping!… I can hear me moaning already …

Not only all this … but my car is going in for repair on Thursday (after the idiot in Perth hit it!) … and I will have to run around in my mums auld banger … (the shame!!)

I am hoping the following week is a bit less hectic … but at the moment it seems to going the same way as next week …

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