Well, well well …

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When you meet a lovely woman and find out you have an ex in common …. small world this lesbian world …

It seems more than a few lies have been told ….

Control comes in different forms!

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This is true… if you need to change for anyone apart from yourself, it is not love but control.

If you don’t love someone for who they are, you will never be happy.

When someone changes your life …

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and surprisingly … it is a man!!   Although not in the way you probably think!

In October I was sick fed up with the constant pain in my back … at it’s best it was an ache .. at it’s worst it stopped me from doing many day to day things that people take for granted … there was just no escape from the discomfort and at times it did make me grumpy!

In October, through someone I was seeing for a short time, I was encouraged to go to a private Physio … although I had been to the NHS service many times, all they were doing was putting me under a heat lamp that made no difference whatsoever, so I was a bit unsure about paying out money if it wasn’t going to help me.

I am so glad I took the chance … Abdur has been a miracle worker … although I have to admit his deep tissue massages do make me swear (which he finds funny!) … and the poor man has had many death threats from me … but he is simply fantastic!

Since October, my life has really turned around … all thanks to Abdur.  To be honest, the pain was making me a little down and other stuff going on in my private life seemed to be amplified by the fact I felt so bloody useless!

Since October I have joined WW and a gym with a pool … and since Christmas I have lost 15.5 pounds and have fallen in love with exercise and swimming again! …. both of which used to cause me a lot of pain.

I have now found a real passion … so much so that I am turning my summerhouse into a gym … so on the days when my time is short, I can just pop out the back for a quick half hour here and there to make sure that I still can exercise every day.

I cannot believe I left it so long … but that was partly due to me listening to my doctor and not getting the best advice … I truly believed that I was going to be left suffering for the rest of my life and although it wasn’t a life changing thing … it was something that had a massive impact on my life …

Now my life is mine again … and Im going to make sure I do everything I have always wanted to do!

I know this well …

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And the only one…

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Oh … this is definitely me!

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Why the clouds clear and the heart mends … I always end up thinking “why the fuck did I put up with that”

I don’t anymore … any sign of lies or narcism … and I’m gone …  never to be seen again!


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