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The events of “Black Friday” yesterday shocked and stunned me a bit .. I cannot for the life of me think why the degradation of humanity and the worshipping of greed can be a good thing.   These people must be really unhappy when they think that a “bargain” will improve their lives.

I have had a lot of highs and lows in my life .. some of which are documented in this blog.   What I have learned is that when life is on the up, you learn nothing.. you forget past lessons.   Life only teaches you lessons when you have a low point in your life… and Boy!  you learn …

What I have in my life right now, is perfect for me .. I simply love my work, it gives me satisfaction like I have never had before with a job and, at times, makes me very humble.   I have home that gives me peace and sanctuary that is so important in my life.  What I have is what I want and I know I am lucky.

I also know that for some, what I have and who I am is not good enough in their eyes .. that is fine by me, it proves they are not good enough or worthy enough to be in my life.

I have had to fight through petty jealousy, anger and downright lies in my past .. and all of these things did hurt and disappointment me .. until I realised that no matter what I done, these people would never think otherwise.   I let it go.

My life now revolves around having peaceful life, calm and unstressed … that is what I need, that is what I want and my willingness to compromise of any of these factors is long gone.

I may never have a lot of money, I may never have someone true and honest enough that I want to share my life with .. and none of that matters now … I have found me.. and quite frankly, that is enough.

People will judge me, people will even gossip about me (what’s new there!) .. and none of this matters .. I am who I am .. and I am happy with that.    So perhaps the old saying “it’s not you, it’s me” does not apply here .. to be frank .. if you have a problem with me .. then it is you.   Get over it.

A treat for me!!

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I treated myself to the new Ella Henderson album … and I simply love it ….

This is one of my favourites .. but there are so many…. I can’t decide which one to sing in the car *smile*


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2014-11-26 09.16.33

My poor wee blog has been neglected lately.  I have been very busy with work and simply have not had the time to sit down and really think about anything that I wanted to write about.

The picture is of my view today .. I was writing a tribute and Jilly was surveying her kingdom … and hopefully looking out for any mice that may approach my new car!

A few years ago I had a problem when a mouse managed to chew through some wires and then went on to cause a problem with my brakes .. although that was because I had managed to squish it between them (it was not intended as revenge but I must admit it did give me some satisfaction!).

I know I am lucky in life .. I have found my niche and even though a couple of years ago I would never have thought I would be working as a Celebrant .. I didn’t even know what it meant! .. I am loving what I do.  I get so much satisfaction and often I am left feeling very humble at the stories I am privileged to hear.

Life for some of the families I deal with has not been easy.. for others it has … but what both have in common is a love for the person they have lost.   A person’s worth is not in the material things that they leave behind, but the memories and smiles in the hearts of the people who love them.

Some of the memories I have heard have had me in tears .. sometimes with laughter, sometimes with sadness… but all the memories have had great meaning to the families… and on the day of a funeral or cremation, I am simply their voice.

I do know that I have learned so much in the past couple of years .. through my personal life and through my work life .. and what it has taught me is to never have regrets.  And I never will.

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