Unconditional Love

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Love comes in many forms throughout our lives, many times it is a temporary love and not always a love that is truly unconditional.

I am not the mother of a child.  I am a “mother” of a dog.   If you are not a pet owner you will not understand the unconditional love that I have for my dog, and my dog has for me.  If she were human she would be my perfect partner.

She loves me for who I am, what I was and who I will be.  She doesn’t judge me, or try to change me and expects very little in return.  That is unconditional love.

I know from experience of my own parents and from friends who have children that the love they have for their child is like no other.

As we grow older we sometimes forget the love that our parents gave us.. we get annoyed with them, bored with them, take them for granted.  We forget.

Many years ago I wrote a poem, A Child’s Window, which I will share with you.  I will also share a poem that I found on the internet, I do not know who wrote it but I believe it is a translation from a chinese poster (happy to be corrected on this if I am wrong).

A Child’s Window

Smiling faces from beneath the hoods

their future as colourful as the sleeping spring.

The paths they walk lead to home,

The walls they climb are made of stone.

But soon, too soon, their play will end,

hopes and dreams left behind,

they wander now down paths of fate.

So let them play and learn their game,

let them dream and speak their minds.

For a child has eyes where we are blind.

When I am Old (author unknown)

When I am old and not my original self,
Please be understanding and be patient with me.

When I spill the soup on my own clothes,
And forget how to tie my shoelaces,
Please think about how I had taught you, step by step, to tie your shoelaces.

When you are tired of the words, which I am repeating,
Please listen patiently and don’t interrupt me.
When you were young, I had to repeat the same story again and again until you fell asleep.

When I need you to shower me,
Please don’t blame me.
Do you remember how I had to coax you to take your shower?

When I am helpless with new technology and things,
Please don’t make fun of me.
Think about how I patiently answered every ‘Why’ you had.

When both my legs are too tired to walk,
Please stretch out your strong hand to support me.
Just as I stretched out my hand to you, when you were learning to walk.

When the topic of our conversation slip my mind,
Please give me a little time to recall.
Actually, whatever the topic of our conversation is of no importance.
I will be contented, as long as you are listening to me by my side.

When my time has come, please don’t be sad.
Understand me, support me,
Just as how I treated you, when you were starting to learn about living.

I had guided you on your life journey back then,
Now please stays with me until my journey ends.
Shower me with your love and patience, I will smile with gratitude;
The smile of unconditional love for you.

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