What a wonderful day..

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Even though Linda is up in Scotland this week, I did have a wee bit of work to do. Today I had a funeral in Perth, so she came up with me.

We started with a coffee and bacon butty in Tesco… then after the funeral, coffee and cake at Gloagburn…. then to crown it all off… a g&t for Linda and a soft drink for me at Gleneagles!…. where Linda had to take her stockings off because they kept slipping down, making her look like Nora Batty! (Probably didn’t help that I kept laughing!).

Tonight we are out for a meal…. which I’m really looking forward to!… no doubt we will laugh some more!

Today is the day!

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Well … after a mammoth car journey that took over double the time it should have … and being stuck in a motorway hotel with 2 wee dogs that barked at everyone who passed the door (and she was by the entrance!) … Linda is finally on the M6 and heading to Scotland!

We have a fabulous week planned … and she is even going to let me drive her very posh car (can’t remember which one!) but it is convertible and automatic … I hope she knows what she is doing! LOL

My house is all ready for her … tidied up … rearranged and brand new bedding on the bed (after a lot of swearing!) … I hate changing the duvet! … but it is done!   Now I just have to go to the shop to get something for lunch (I have my orders!) … and then it is just a case of waiting for her to arrive.

We are not doing much today, she will be tired after her journey, so just spending time together and chilling out will be the order of the day … tomorrow we have my  lovely “husbands” coming for dinner … Linda will be cooking … I will be washer upper ….

I am really looking forward to spending time with her … we live very different lives … but somewhere in the middle we have managed to meet … but I think I am more nervous about stepping into her life style, than she is about mine … but I know that if things are right between us as people, then the differences outwith what we have will just not matter.

She really is a fabulous woman … as Neil called her… an elegant swan … and I know how lucky I am to have such a kind and caring woman in my life.  I just hope I don’t let her down.



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One more sleep…

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… until Linda arrives, and a sleep she will no doubt need after her 3.5 hour journey to her “half way” hotel turned into 8 hours of being stuck in bank holiday traffic. She had her two wee dogs in the car too!

Tonight was a good night for me though… my Maties Meg and Leanne popped in… and helped me move furniture around… my sofa is reinstated as a cuddle place!

I have a full week of plans with Linda… she has never been to this part of the country (apart from a fleeting visit last weekend)… so it will be lovely to spend time with her showing her around.

Here is to making new memories!

A trip planned in Alice Alice

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I am really looking forward to Linda coming up on Saturday .. she will have her two wee dogs with her, so we are planning to just dodge around (between my funerals) in Fife and the local area.

I have lots of plans to show her the local area around Fife and touristy bits like the Kelpies and Falkirk Wheel, as well as a night away in Alice Alice (with 3 dogs!) up to Loch Lomond!

I am very excited about the whole week … and I know we will laugh our socks off!


If I made a list …

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If I made a list of all that I wanted from a woman and all that I didn’t … and then hope to meet them…  it would seem a very tall order…

But somehow, somewhere along the line … fate must have been smiling down at me …

I have had a pretty rocky 8 months … and was seriously just waiting for 2018 to be over without any more trouble in my life.

Then suddenly, my life was turned on it’s head.

From feeling really fed up about 2018, I think I may look back and thank it.  It taught me a lot…  about people, myself and the pitfalls of lies and alcohol … and then … the icing on the cake of good luck that has suddenly flung itself on me was meeting Linda … we met on Match … and chatted for a few weeks before she came up to Edinburgh for a long weekend at the Festival with her friend…. we arranged to meet on the Friday, and we hit it off immediately! … I was a bit stunned … but being stunned is something I have had a wee bit of experience this year … only this time I was stunned in a lovely way.

We met up again the next day … spent the whole day together, flung caution to the wind … and topped a wonderful day off with a meal at The Dome …. she had to go home the next day and I can’t believe I actually missed her after only just meeting her …. and surprisingly she felt the same way! … and so on Saturday she is arriving here for a week … complete with 2 dogs! … and I can’t wait!

I am very lucky … and I know it!


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My lovely lady is coming to visit next week.

it will be lovely to spend some decent time with her, rather than a snatched weekend when she was up in Edinburgh for the festival… which included a quick visit over to my wee cottage and a trip to the Mutt Hutt with Sprouty (I know how to treat a lady!).

This morning we spoke on the phone and I asked “what do you like for breakfast” … she replied “a cooked breakfast” … “ok” said me “bacon, sausage, eggs?” …. “Oh no Darling” she replied … “scrambled egg and smoked salmon” …

After I stopped spluttering and laughing …. I realised just how different our worlds were .. (I did know this but not just how different the “wee things” are) … but I know that Linda fits comfortably into my world, and I know I have to learn to live in her world as comfortably as she lives in mine, but she is worth it … it will be different … but she will be by my side .. and that is all that matters.

My friends Barry and Neil (and a few others) met Linda at the weekend, and she just blew them all away … she is just such a genuine and lovely woman, with a smile that makes me weak at the knees.

Neil described her as “a beautiful elegant swan”.   Barry described me as “her craw” …

He has a point!



Love and loyalty

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Interesting article… well worth a read as it is very true … and hits home, not everyone has the emotional maturity to really love…

When you love someone you stay loyal



U Turn

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u turn

This year, life has not been kind to me.   There have been a variety  of reasons, and most of them either hurt me deeply, or annoyed me greatly!

Over the last couple of weeks, things have taken a very big U Turn.  Not only has Alice Alice been made roadworthy again and I once more have the freedom of the open road! (although I am still trying to get my money back on her via my solicitor), but even if that fails (my Solicitor is doing a credit check on the guy who sold her to me, before we decide on any further action), at least I have a Motorhome I can use!

But a friend convinced me to join Match … to be honest I didnt hold out much hope, but I was surprised when I met a lovely friend and then this weekend, met up with a woman from Eastbourne, who I chatted to and who came up to Edinburgh for the Festival.

To say we hit it off is an understatement.  I knew from our texts and phonecalls that we would get on and I was really excited about meeting her on Friday for a coffee … the coffee “date” lasted for hours and we arranged to meet yesterday.

We had a great day, she really makes me laugh, and puts me in my place!.. last night she very kindly treated me and her friend who she travelled up with, to a meal at The Dome in Edinburgh.   By coincidence two of my great friends were also in Edinburgh and met us at The Dome … and it was a night full of laughter!

She heads back down home today, but we have arranged that she will come back up next week for a few days and I am really looking forward to seeing her… we just get on so well, and at last I am smiling again …. this is my new beginning … and Im excited to see where it might lead.

Here is to my tomorrows yet to come!

The sweetest thing..

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Two packs of Revels and a wonderful woman… a lovely evening in beautiful company… and I’m lucky enough to have her company again tomorrow.

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