A Spring stroll

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My knee is still not perfect … I did go swimming this morning to test it out and managed 20 lengths but it was bothering me a wee bit … came home and caught up with the calls I had to make for family meetings and finished my washing from my holiday!

This afternoon I was going a bit stir crazy …. after a week of wonderful walking (and hobbling!) I needed to get out so took wee Sprout for a stroll … it is a beautiful day for a walk … I had to pick a flat one though as I didn’t want to irritate my knee … but we both enjoyed it!


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Insert swear words here

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Leaving the campsite this morning I didn’t factor in the length of the caravan properly and ripped my wheel arch off!! Thankfully no major damage but still costly to fix… also couldn’t get the microwave to work but I’m going to speak to my caravan guy and see if he can fix a cheap one in… apart from that had a great time peace and tranquility… plus meeting up with a few friends was just what I needed… my back held up to all the walking… which is more than can be said about my left knee!!

For sure!

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I hope

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Last day…

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I’m meeting JP later for a coffee back at Whinlater but thought I’d test my knee out this morning… a quick stroll around Keswick park again (walking distance from site)… then I drove down towards Conniston and found a lovely wee walk… my knee is still not great, so will just have short strolls for the rest of the day… definitely at Whinlatter… that’s where I buggered my knee!!

Lunch with Issy

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A lovely afternoon with my pal Issy who drove up to meet me for lunch… had a short walk about Windemere but my knee is really giving me jip… so a stroll rather than a walk!

Sare knee!!

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I have been loving being able to just get out into the beautiful Lake District and do the walks that I wasn’t able to do in the past… I am seeing beautiful scenery and actually tiring Sprout out!

On Tuesday I did make a mistake on taking on a mountain forest walk… I was so chuffed with myself that I actually completed it… but coming down was painful on my left knee.

Yesterday I met up with 2 pals and we had a nice easy stroll on the flat but my knee still played up… and last night I had a weird band of swelling around my knee!

I am meeting another pal for lunch today but I’m going to take walking easy… I know I have overdone it… it was just so exciting to be able to do these walks now my back is so improved… didn’t think about my knees! Idiot! LOL

A fantastic day!

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Today I met up with Sara and Sue… I joined the army with Sara in 1980 but haven’t met with her since 1982! Today we finally met again… and it felt like yesterday since we last met! Her wife Sue was someone I hadn’t met in the army but within 5 minutes I felt I had known her for years!

We had a fantastic walk over a couple of hours, with spectacular scenery! Followed by Coffee and Cake! Sprout and Sara also formed a mutual appreciation society! Really was a fantastic day even if my knee is a bit sore from yesterday!

Tomorrow I am meeting up with Izzy… another ex army gal! Never met before but no doubt will be nattering away like auld friends very quickly!

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