You certainly do …

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it’s amazing how shallow some people are.


Lucky escape!

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Too many lies and omissions and I was taken for a fool.

I’m totally besotted!

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No … Not just with Alex from Masterchef (although she is rather lovely!)…

But with my wee dog Sprout … she is a huge character … and sometimes very naughty, but I love the wee soul.

She is loving her 3 times a week walk with Kat (I can never tire her out enough!) and loves to run riot in a field with other dogs…  she is a cheeky wee thing but really cuddly … Willie was here cutting the grass today and Sprout was up and on his lap and cuddling in … Willie is a cat man … but even he thought she was cute!

Day off and tired out!!

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We’ll caravan is all ready to go… just food and clothes to go in! I’ve even taken down the second dining area and set the bed up… but it’s a bit like a jigsaw with the cushions … not sure I have it right… I guess my back will let me know!!

It looks a bit messy but only because I’ve spread things around for balance when towing.

I am so ready for this holiday, I’m totally worn out!

Falling in love

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Falling in love is not just about being in a relationship or sleeping with someone for physical pleasure. It’s not even about having someone to pamper you 24/7. It’s not about keeping promises and the vows.. It’s not about having someone whom you can marry, have kids and “settle down”. It’s all about feeling that finally you have someone who will be faithful to you for the rest of your life. It’s about having someone whom can trust blindly. It’s about sleeping peacefully with that one thought in mind that you will wake up not feeling cheated. It’s about overcoming the fear of losing what you’ve got. It’s all about feeling respected, understood and appreciated. It’s all about peace of mind. It’s all about the right person and the right time

★*´¨`☽    ¸.★*´☽

( ♡ ★*❤* ★  *´

`★.¸¸¸.© Aarti Khurana 2015 ★

☾ .★°.* . ●︶⁀°• ❤ •° ⁀︶

feckity feck….

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Yesterday we had a nightmare with our electricity … it went off 4 times … the worst at the back of 10pm last night and didnt come back on until 3am this morning … all seems to be well now … BUT it has done something to my boiler and I now have no hot water or heating … (even though the boiler is saying it is on!) …

I didnt notice this morning as I was out of bed and off for  swim and had a shower there … and then came home, got changed and went straight out to work … Im just home and noticed how cold the house was …

I am swearing …

The power of being alone

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