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Christmas cards

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I have been writing out my Christmas cards this year and I realised that many of the cards I am sending are to people who I have little contact with these days.  These are friends from my time down south or just people I have lost contact with.

It did cross my mind whether to “bother” sending some of them and then I had a little think to myself .. every year I receive a card from these people and I am always really happy to know that they have, at least for a few moments, thought about me and thought ME worthy of a card.

Writing cards always makes me smile, it brings back little snippets of memories which sometimes have lain dormant in the recess of my mind!

So I will carry on sending cards to these people as a way of saying thank you for the memories and the smiles that happened earlier in my life.

So for all of you out there (who will probably never read this blog!) THANKS .. it is very much appreciated!

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Has anyone else noticed the amount of “dead” umbrellas lying around!

There is truly an epidemic of gigantic proportions and yet not a word on the news about it…  something should be done, governments should not be hiding behind excuses and pregnant women should be extra careful!   Beware out there … remember one gust of wind and your brolly could be infected!

Lessons learnt…

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Life has a funny way of turning out .. there are lessons that I have learned (and won’t do again) but there are lessons that I SHOULD have learned that like to ignore and happily do the same things all over again.. why do I believe that things will turn out differently?

I am a great believer in fate .. what is meant is meant and what is for you won’t go past you.. yup it probably is all shite but I like to believe it!

Are online friendships real?

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My journeys through the dramatic paddy fields of AOL Utopia and now Facebook have been interesting, thoughtful, joyful and bloody annoying.

Social media and the Internet has given me a lot of joy and a lot of frustration at times, but on the whole I have always found it a useful tool to catch up with old friends and also to meet new people, who (if they play their cards right!) could also end up being friends! LOL

I have met some really wonderful people through the media of social media (I like that!), which in turn has led to me meeting them in real life.   I have met acquaintances, friends and, on occasions, lovers too!

Some of the people I now class as good friends (and in one very important case – my partner!) I have met online.. the online part being the beginning of the friendship and real life meetings and camping trips confirming the relationship.

Some of my original online friends have seen me through a number of bad times in my life .. heartbreak, losing my business and my house, the death of friends and family and I am truly grateful for all the time and patience they have given me.

They have also seen me through some naughty times .. but I won’t mention them on here!

So to all my online friends ..    THANKS! .. and here is to many more years, meets and camping trips!


Nice to meet you!

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Well .. my first post and the pressure is on to make it fun and interesting!

Funny enough I can’t think of a damn thing .. so now I have this set up (on a whim!)  I will go away and think of something amusing and thought provoking!

Failing that I will just post a couple of funny jokes or something…

Pop back again if you are bored .. I can get controversial at times .. well .. maybe more gobby than controversial! but hey ho .. I am a woman!

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