I am where I need to be!

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When a photo horrifies you …

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I may have some way to go yet … but what a difference from my biggest (about 6 years ago) … I did lose a lot of weight by dieting alone, but slowly it crept back on again … mainly my fault because I was a bit restricted to what I could do without ending up with a sore back! … now that is being sorted and I am once again enjoying all the exercise I used to do a lot of years ago … the difference is quite stunning … still around 2 stone to go though …


What a difference a year makes …

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It is no secret that I was absolutely stunned and shocked when my ex ended our relationship last year… and a for a long time I did hope that she would change her mind and come back.

Since then, things have happened that had made me think “jeez, lucky escape” … and although my two little dabbles into dating have been a disaster … I have no doubts that my life is going just the way it should be.

I am thinner and fitter than I have been in a long time, the constant pain in my back is much easier, even if it does “niggle” from time to time.  At last I am living the life I want to live .. I am loving the gym and swimming and watching my body change shape (and my clothes sizes shrinking dramatically!) is giving me a new lease of life.

I once again have a spring in my step, a twinkle in my eye and a new gym in my summerhouse!

Still loving my work, but looking forward to a wee break away in the caravan with my friend Karen at the end of March …

I am where I should be in life … I know myself and know what I want … I have no need to become just a mirror of someone, but then again, I never have been that type…. and I certainly do not need to bounce from one relationship to another, Im too strong for that.

The mountain

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My twin… Pink!!

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A busy but fabulous day!

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I had a lovely long lie this morning … didn’t  get up until nearly 8am!  The days of getting up earlier to write are now firmly behind me and I just have to worry about fitting my writing around my own schedule!

I had a wee bit of writing to do first thing and then hit the gym … and then had a long swim too … probably about 30 lengths today … but I did lose count so it may have been slightly less .. it may have been slightly more!

It was such a nice day that I didn’t want to be stuck in the house … so came home and dragged Sprout back to Aberdour beach … poor wee thing had already been out with the dog walker this morning … but she still managed to belt about like a mad thing… then we popped into see my mum … had to pass by Limekilns and Charlestown beaches that have suffered an oil spillage … it looks awful … but lots of things happening to clean it up … it does stink though!

Sprout was exhausted by the time she got to my mums … all she wanted to do was sit on her knee and give her kisses … she is such a sweet wee dog … if a bit of a monster too!

Came home and set about the summerhouse … I got rid of all the spider webs … still need to brush or hoover the floor, but I can’t find my sweeping brush!  (typical!)…. now I’m tired … on top of all my exercise I also managed to walk over 12000 steps today … I can feel my legs a wee bit stiff already!… and Im booked in for Zumba again tomorrow!  ouch!

or so you might think …

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We’ll see…

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Yup… agree with this!

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When I know for sure …

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..Someone has lied to me … they are gone … and I mean gone.  Never again to be part of my life in any shape or form.



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