Thank gawd its Friday ….

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Oh … I’ve had the bitch of all weeks this week.. work has been nothing but trouble, hassle, swearing… applicants have turned down great jobs, clients have turned down great applicants and generally just been bloody stupid.

I’ve had a dead (or rather dying..) something brought in that left a blood trail in the hall (I haven’t found it yet so Im not sure what it is…) .. and my door locks are broken …

I’ve been feeling stressed out.. and have already started planning my new life on the Isle of Skye, in a wee cottage with a couple of cabins to rent out … a few more dogs, a couple of cats and a cow ..

However, reality bites .. I have the wee cottage, I have A dog and A cat… I don’t have a cow .. although I do have an ex in the very distant past who could fit that role .. although the sight of her droopy udders would probably make me vomit today.

I don’t have a cabin .. but my summerhouse is going up today and tomorrow .. and next week there will be new jobs, new applicants and new clients ..Oh … AND my very lovely new wine rack arrived today (it is the shape of a Cello.. actually its made from an old Cello) quite classy and very different … a bit like me   (ok ok .. may the very different bit and less of the classy but there you go).

Sometimes life does get a bit heavy on our shoulders .. no matter how “jolly” we seem there are times when all we want to do is hideaway in our PJ’s and think .. it’s been one of those weeks for me …

Bring on Monday!!

A figment of imagination….

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ImageI was laughing tonight with some friends on Facebook .. one who claims to have had Mickey Mouse wave at her tonight … she has seen him regularly and is promising to take a photo next time.   Thankfully she doesn’t live too far from me and if this proves to be a figment of her imagination I will be the one that heads across the Forth Bridge and slaps her.

It reminded me of a Christmas a good few years ago now .. I had recently moved back to Scotland and at Christmas headed down to London to spend it with my best friend Marina.    For those of you who don’t know .. my birthday is also on Christmas day.. Marina .. being who she is decided to make my day very special and bought a Santa outfit.   She stuffed a couple of pillows down the front and came out to much hilarity.

I decided that I wanted to surprise my friends two little kids and asked if I could borrow it .. Marina duly handed it over .. I put it on .. and was horrified to find out that it fitted without any need of pillows!  

Anyway, I digress…. I put the Santa outfit on and Marina gave me a lift round to my friends, where, at a prearranged time .. I walked past their house waving at the 2 kids who looked out in complete awe at Santa in the street .. unfortunately even though the suit was a nice fit *cough* … the trousers landed at my ankles .. thankfully I did have trousers on underneath .. the headlines would have been terrible!

.. the story didn’t end there … as I looked up the street, there were windows with completely dumbstruck kids faces filling the windows .. and I duly waved and “ho ho ho’ed” (that sounds dodgy!) up the street…

So maybe Mickey Mouse does exist .. just like the day that Santa visited Sydenham!

ying yang

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Now and then there are days where I could just go “bugger it” and disappear into the horizon with my dug (and cat)… today is one of them…

Came into work and found out that an applicant who I found a new job for a few months ago (but had to give 3 months notice due to the seniority of their position) has had a last minute change of heart and is now not starting .. resulting in us losing a nice fee!

I then found out that sometime over the weekend we had managed to pick up a virus on our server and 2 pc’s … despite the fact that we paid for high level antivirus protection.

Great so far …

It got worse …

I then discovered that I had forgotten my purse and had to ask Karen to buy me lunch …

THEN .. found out that my new tax code (beginning with K) means that I am paying a lot more tax!

NOW … its bloody pouring down and I haven’t brought a jacket with me….

On the plus side … I’m off to my matie Megs for dinner tonight …

I guess this is the yang to my ying .. or ying to my yang .. whatever …  the payback for having such a lovely weekend with some really wonderful and inspiring people (and a few crazy laughter monsters too!)…   Gals .. I need you today .. spades at the ready and get your wellies!!

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