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If I could have one Christmas wish,

it would be be wake up to you,

to read the silent words that are held in your eyes,

to touch your face and softly kiss your lips.

You may not be my destiny

but you are my infinity


Oh! … ummm … Thanks …

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It’s that time of year again … the time when we usually spend hours and hours picking what we think our friends and loved ones will like for Christmas while they are thinking just as hard to get that “perfect” present for us!

I have had some crackers in my days, normally given to me by my mum, that I haven’t liked at all .. but I took them with gratitude (false as it may have been).. and occasionally wore, used or whatever else with it (how can someone send you a horn orange peeler and then NOT tell you what it is!).

I like giving. It gives me more joy to give something that is appreciated, or can make someone laugh than it does to receive.  I don’t know why that is .. it just is.

I have thought very carefully about people at times and bought what I thought was perfect and they would “love”.   Only to be disappointed when they didn’t.   For me giving a gift that isn’t appreciated hurts more than receiving one .. if that makes sense.

This year I have solved the problem …no girlfriend to buy for (they are always the worst!), and I have given my Mum, Sister and Brother money … boring .. maybe .. but at least they can get what they want.

It is always harder for them to choose for me because of my birthday also being on Christmas day .. they have to work doubly hard!    This year I solved it for them.. told them my favourite perfume, bought it (I already have it!) and they gave me the money.

Maybe it doesn’t fall into the spirit of Christmas .. maybe I won’t wake up to any presents under the tree this year .. BUT I will smell lovely for a month or two *smile*

So … this year .. if you are given a present that doesn’t quite hit the mark with you .. think on .. someone has thought about you .. and even if their taste does not match yours, they have taken time out to try to pick you the perfect present.

This year I hope you all get what you wish for and are not left disappointed or disappointing others.   Have a good one!

What really matters..

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It’s Christmas .. most of us have woken to a pile of presents from our friends and family, but we will all have our favourite and not necessarily the most expensive one.

For me having Vaner take 3 hours yesterday to make me cards is very special.  I awoke this morning to a fantastically funny card that she made me .. with a long ribbon that trailed through the house to the bathroom, at the end of the ribbon was a pack of Tunnocks Caramel Wafer biscuits .. the thought and the care that went into this really means more to me than I can say ..  I laughed so much at this .. a small thing .. a thoughtful thing .. something that means an awful lot to me.

This Christmas take a minute out of your day to have a wee thought for the people who have saved hard all year to give a small thoughtful, inexpensive present to the people they care about.  These are the people who deserve our thoughts today.  These are the people who really have love in their hearts.

Have a great day everyone .. I hope you find peace in your hearts and your minds.

P.S.   The hats belong to my mum!  She made us wear them!




Merry Christmas….

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To all of you.. whoever and wherever you are.. I wish you a Merry and more importantly peaceful Christmas.

Vaner and I are having a marvelous run up to Christmas.  A visit to the Ballet a couple of weeks ago, a wild and wonderful weekend in Dundee with the Rubyfruits girls (gimp masks included! – long story … don’t ask!) and last night a visit to the panto in Dunfermline, which was made especially nice by a guest spot appearance by Jade Richards (the Scottish girl from Xfactor who sadly didn’t get past the judges house round).  She appeared on stage to sing “someone like you”, which had me in tears.   She was just phenomenal!   Release that album Jade, I want to buy it!

Earlier in the day Vaner had been lurking around Dunfermline waiting for me to arrive and accidentally bumped into Jade in one of the shops.   Vaner, in her very Spanish way, asked her if she could have a photo taken as she

Jade Richards and Vaner

had a friend that was a fan.  Jade had been charming, friendly and delighted to oblige and I am over the moon that Vaner did this for me.

This weekend should be fun .. for Christmas Eve we are planning a quiet night at home having a “Spanish” night and then off to my mums for Christmas dinner before popping over to Edinburgh to my friends Kate and Fiona for a night of drinking, playing games and generally making a fool of ourselves!    It is also my birthday on Christmas day … but last year was the last one I planned to have .. so this year doesn’t count!

Next week I have to work for a few days then New Year will be upon us … we are off to a hotel for a ceilidh celebration, which Vaner is so excited about … poor girl has no idea what to expect of our Scottish Dancing .. she will learn!

On the 4th we are off on holiday for a week .. Cyprus .. a nice week of sunshine (hopefully!) and chilling out before heading back to the UK and back to work for me and back to college for Vaner on her new language course.

It’s all rather exciting really …

I hope your plans and your celebrations go well .. have a fab one .. see you on the other side!

Out with the old….

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This time of year can be a mixture of nostalgia and excitement for many of us.  

As Christmas and New Year approaches the different situations we find ourselves in can sometimes prove to be a hard time for many, especially if they find themselves on their own over this period.

This is a time for memories, of Christmas’s past, of old friendships and for some, old relationships.   BUT more importantly it is a time to remember for NOW….. the past will never come back, it is dead and gone and merely exists as a memory, a mix of happy and sad for some.  The present is your future memories.. make the most of today and don’t keep looking over your shoulder.  The future, well .. that has yet to be written but you will never move forward if you keep looking back.

Acceptance of change and being able to let go of the past is a difficult thing for many to do.    For some the hurt and grief is too much to accept and that is understandable.. we have all been there at some point in our lives BUT the best gift you can give yourself this year would be to take that first step forward.    Accept your past, enjoy your present and look forward to your future.

I wish you all that this Christmas and New Year … exciting times lie ahead for all of us, if we are just brave enough to open our arms to it.

Faith makes all things possible
Hope makes all things work
Love makes all things beautiful
May you have all the three for this Christmas.

Merry Christmas

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To all that read my blog .. a cheeky but funny christmas video

Click here to see it!

I’ve also added some funny pictures … Christmas should be about happiness and smiles .. I hope you enjoy!

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