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.. Two poems by my dear pal Kate …

I was going to write a little story around them, but to be honest, they are pure and honest and stand up in their own right

I love them .. I hope you do too!


Take me Home

You run your fingers down my spine

And I can feel you tremble with anticipation.

For now you just want to hold me, caress me,

Run your hand across all my imperfections.

As if that will tell you all you wish to know.

You breathe me in, and savour the scent,

But you can’t sniff out the mystery

Or learn about the secrets buried within me.

You take me home to have your wicked way,

And I enjoy every second of it as you touch me.

Watch as you smile and get lost in me.

Cherish every…





Barrier Up!

Could you switch your headlights off please Sir?  Thank you.

Sorry, can you turn your car pass the right way up?  Cheers.

And remove your thumb from the photo.  Thank you.

Yes Sir, they let women do guard now.  Yes, it’s loaded.

Barrier up, barrier down.

Barrier up, barrier down.

Smile politely, nod and agree.

Queue forming is there Sir?  How about that, 4 deep.  Beaten my previous score.

Yes Sir, I need to see everyone’s I.D.  Yes, I’m aware there’s six of you

But this is a military establishment.  Thank you for your co-operation.

If you could just move your thumb Sir, thank you.

Barrier up, barrier down.

Barrier up, barrier down.

Smile politely, nod and agree.

Sorry Sir, you can’t park there.  Because you’re blocking the road Sir.

No, I’m sorry Sir, not even for a minute.  Thank you Sir.

Good evening Sir, can I see some I.D. please?  No Sir, I don’t know who you are.

No Sir, it’s not past my bed-time.

Barrier up, barrier down.

Barrier up, barrier down.

Smile politely, nod and agree.

Turn your lights off, move your thumb.

Stop peeking at me from behind that faded car pass,

I can’t possibly read it from here.  Have some courtesy, open your window and talk to me.

Turn your lights off like the sign says.  Don’t argue with me, I’ve got a gun.

Smile politely, nod and agree.

Barrier up, barrier down.

Barrier up, barrier down.

You’re the public face of the Air Force so nod and agree, smile politely.

Iron your trousers, polish your boots, abandon hope all ye who pick up a rifle.

Barrier up, barrier down.

Barrier up, barrier down.




Unanswered questions …

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The truth is, for different reasons, most of us have barriers.

We fear getting hurt, of showing too much, of rejection.

We fear the pain of our emotions that can leave us in dark, bleak places. Or worse, the dead feeling of an emotional desert, where even the pain of hurt or anger is preferable to feeling nothing.

Our emotional safety is precious to us and people cope with the protection of their emotions in different ways, some appear shy and reticent, some are loud and brash, but no-one is how they seem.

We allow people to see what we are comfortable with, sometimes we do this unconsciously, our “sixth sense” protecting us, keeping people at arms length, not because they have the power to hurt us, but because they will never understand us.

Sometimes, and not always when you expect it, someone slips behind your barrier, touches your emotions, makes you smile.

Do we risk the hurt, do we risk rejection?

Or do we continue to live in this world of dark or nothingness, but where we feel safe and in control?

Unanswered questions.


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