Goodbye my friend …

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Today I wave goodbye to a very dear friend .. a friend that I have laughed with, cried with, reached the bottom with and had to pull myself back up a long steep slope.  A friend that has taught me much about myself and a friend that I will miss but will happily wave goodbye to.

Tomorrow I will stand tall, reflect on the time we had and wave you off with a smile and a few thoughts of what might have been, but I will have no regrets.   Just memories of a time that I wouldn’t change a minute of as our friendship has got me to who and where I am today.

Tomorrow I wave goodbye to being in my 40’s.

It is a strange feeling, reaching another milestone and not quite believing I can really be 50 (or as one of my friends put it 18 with 32 years experience).

When you are young 50 (actually even 30 or 40!) seems ancient.  I know I thought that.  The strange thing is that you learn more about yourself when you actually turn 40 than you ever do when you are younger.    It seems that your first 40 years are all about experience and learning, your 40’s about reflection on that and realising who you really are.

As I leave my 40’s I will do so with my head held high.  I’m not perfect, far from it … but I’m comfortable with myself and my life.  I’ve achieved lots, made lots of money, lost it all and had to start again.

As the saying goes, That’s Life,  and no matter how low or frustrated I have felt at times I think myself lucky that I have experienced the things (and the women!) that I have.

So tomorrow, as you raise your glass to Christmas, raise a glass to yourself,  you have made it to another one .. and may there be many more for you.

Tomorrow I will be 50… I can’t wait!

Out with the old….

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This time of year can be a mixture of nostalgia and excitement for many of us.  

As Christmas and New Year approaches the different situations we find ourselves in can sometimes prove to be a hard time for many, especially if they find themselves on their own over this period.

This is a time for memories, of Christmas’s past, of old friendships and for some, old relationships.   BUT more importantly it is a time to remember for NOW….. the past will never come back, it is dead and gone and merely exists as a memory, a mix of happy and sad for some.  The present is your future memories.. make the most of today and don’t keep looking over your shoulder.  The future, well .. that has yet to be written but you will never move forward if you keep looking back.

Acceptance of change and being able to let go of the past is a difficult thing for many to do.    For some the hurt and grief is too much to accept and that is understandable.. we have all been there at some point in our lives BUT the best gift you can give yourself this year would be to take that first step forward.    Accept your past, enjoy your present and look forward to your future.

I wish you all that this Christmas and New Year … exciting times lie ahead for all of us, if we are just brave enough to open our arms to it.

Faith makes all things possible
Hope makes all things work
Love makes all things beautiful
May you have all the three for this Christmas.

Merry Christmas

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To all that read my blog .. a cheeky but funny christmas video

Click here to see it!

I’ve also added some funny pictures … Christmas should be about happiness and smiles .. I hope you enjoy!

Only the weak are cruel…

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Coming out of a relationship can be an emotionally traumatic time for many of us.  We often feel worthless and full of doubt about ourselves.   Often parting words are aimed to hurt, sometimes as a way of lashing out, but sometimes, and sadly very often, these words are meant in a cruel and callous manner.

We have all been guilty of deliberately saying things that would hurt our partner or our ex, none of us are innocent BUT some people take this to a whole new level.

I am lucky, me recent ex and I are quite good friends and although there have been verbal shots (from both sides!), at the end of the day we respect and like each.   This cannot be said for everyone.

I read today a little saying ““Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong”.  This is so true.

Weak and emotionally immature people deliberately lash out verbally to get a reaction, they aim to hurt.   Often they do, but more often than not they simply show themselves up for what they are.

The impression of image and superiority is often important to these people as the realisation of their true status is often too much for them to bear.

There is a lesson in being gracious, one that I still have to remember at times but I’m getting there and I’m not afraid to admit that I am far from perfect.

Certainly we should and we do NEED to love ourselves, but we have to make sure we do not confuse this with false pride.   Pride is important, but too much pride is a burden and frankly makes a fool of you.

So next time you think about lashing out to try to make a fool of someone, stop, think… just who are you making a fool of … the answer is in your mirror.


Come with me …


Come with me.

Let me show you where

Let me show you the places I want to take you

Let me show you my bed

My body

My touch

Come with me.

To my other side

To the deepest part of me

That I hide from most

My hopes

My heart

Come with me.

On a journey of hope

On the adventure of our of lives

My reason

My smile

Come with me…..

Let it snow .. let it snow

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Yup .. I’m Stuck!

My car is snowed in, the lane, cleared only yesterday, is now back to almost knee height in snow!

It means that I cannot get to work or visit anyone, and plans to have a friend visit this weekend have been cancelled as I doubt very much I would be able to pick her up from the station!

There is  nothing I can do, apart from sit here (in my PJ’s and slippers) and wait until I can get back to leading a normal life again.

Sometimes things do take us by surprise, things that we have no control over, whether it be the weather or our emotional feelings, or how someone else treats us.

Things change, they always do..  You just have to sometimes accept that there is nothing you can do.   Just accept what is happening and roll with it.




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