The simple things …

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I have just returned from a wonderful holiday in the Highlands of Scotland … Spean Bridge near Fort William.    It was beautiful, warm, peaceful and fun.      The pictures can speak for themselves…. Hover over the picture for a description.


No rest for the wicked!

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Normally when I can’t sleep it is to do with the thoughts that explode in my head .. last night it was my legs … 

I do occasionally have restless legs at night … but last night was ridiculous … I was up until after 4am .. and could I sleep .. could I heck!!

It was after 1am when I got home .. and thinking back when I was out I did have a lot of sugary stuff (cake, biscuits and drinks) and I think this may be the problem …

Whatever the reason, I am totally tired out today …  thankfully I have a free day .. no plans at all … so I am having a chill out day with the cat and dog .. which is actually quite nice on this rainy miserable day!

I am off on holiday on Saturday .. and I am looking forward to it .. I am also looking forward to coming back and getting started with the business  … if you haven’t checked my website out yet it is http://www.celebrantscotland.com 

I just hope my bliddy legs behave themselves tonight!!!

Are YOU happy?

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ImageI was reading one of the blogs I follow today www.gailsforum.com  and she has listed 20 things that “happy people” have in common.

I read the list and (like Gail!) discovered that all of them (apart from 17!) are things that I do!  and number 17 is something that I want to improve on.    I gave up smoking a month ago and the next priority is booking water aerobic classes and getting on my bike! (my back does not allow me to walk as far as I would like to!)…

So … have a wee read through the list … it is quite interesting!

20 common factors of Happy People

1) They surround themselves with happy people

2) They cultivate resistance and strength

3) They TRY to be happy

4) They are mindful of “the good”

5) They appreciate simple pleasures

6) They devote some time to giving

7) They let themselves lose track of time

8) They have deeper conversations

9) They spend money on other people

10) They make a point to listen

11) They have in-person connections

12) They look on the bright side

13) They value music & the arts

14) They unplug from the world

15) They get spiritual

16) They spend time sleeping

17) They make exercise a priority

18) They laugh lol

19) They walk the walk

20) They question their happiness

A quote about forgiveness

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Forgiveness is a process of giving up the old for something new. Old experiences and memories that we hold on to in anger, resentment, shame, or guilt cloud our spirit mind.  The truth is, everything that has happened had to happen. It was a growth experience. There was something you needed to know or learn. If you stay angry, hurt, afraid, ashamed, or guilty, you miss the lesson. You will be stuck in a cloud of pain.

The mirror has two faces

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A quote by Rose Morgan (Barbara Streisland) from the movie “The Mirror has two faces”

l think l’ve reached the point where you know you’ll never get married.

Married? What’s marriage? A ring, a contract. Fighting, compromising.

lt can be more than that. You know what l envy about people in love?

l’d love it if someone really knew me.

What l like. What l’m afraid of. What kind of toothpaste l use.

 l think that would really be wonderful.

 True love has spiritual dimensions, while romantic love is a lie.

 A myth. A soulless manipulation. And speaking of manipulation …

 lt’s like going to the movies and seeing the lovers kiss …

 The music swells, and we buy it, right?

 So when my date kisses me, and l don’t hear strings, l dump him.

 The question is, why do we buy it?

 Because, myth or manipulation, we all want to fall in love.

 That experience makes us feel completely alive.

 Our everyday reality is shattered, and we are flung into the heavens.

 lt may only last a moment, an hour, but that doesn’t diminish its value.

 We’re left with memories we treasure for the rest of our lives.

 l read, ”When we fall in love, we hear Puccini in our heads.”

 l love that. His music expresses our need for passion and romantic love.

 We listen to La Bóheme or Turandot, or read WutheringHeights, –

 – or watch Casablanca, and a little of that love lives in us too.

  So the final question is: Why do people want to fall in love –

 – when it can have such a short run and be so painful?

 – Propagation of the species? – We need to connect with somebody.

 – Are we culturally preconditioned? – Good, but too intellectual for me.

 l think it’s because, as some of you may already know …

               While it does last, it feels fucking great!


An open letter to Jean (last name withheld), the person who dumped Cocoa at the pound

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I cried…..

A day in the life of lunchy...

Hello.  You don’t know me, and for your sake, you’d best hope and pray that you never have the misfortune to meet me.

How do I know your name?  Because the people at animal control gave me Cocoa’s intake sheet.  You know, the one you filled out.  The one that said Cocoa was 12 years old and you’d had her all those years.  The one that said you were moving to a pet-free apartment and couldn’t take your faithful companion of 12 years.  You know, the one that you said was a “sweet old girl- a wonderful companion.”   The one that said you had limited funds.

Here’s the thing, Jean.  Oh, I didn’t ask if I could call you Jean but I’m going to.  Or I could call you a number of other names, none of which you’d like very much.   When I saw Cocoa’s picture on the…

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Something we should all do!

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Something we should all do!

Speak to me ….

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ImageI have over the past couple of months had a few phone calls, normally around 1am.

When I answer there is definitely someone at the end of the phone but they never speak .. they wait a few seconds while I do the “hello .. hello” bit .. and then hang up.    This is on my home number and they withhold the number they are calling from.

I am not “worried” by these calls … rather more concerned that someone out there needs to speak to me.

I just have this feeling that I can’t quite explain that right now I’m needed but unless I know who needs me there is little I can do.

I have sent out  two emails … to people I think it may be .. but I may be wrong ..  I am just worried and today it is really playing on my mind for some reason…  intuition?   I’m not sure …

If this is you … and you are reading this .. please speak .. I don’t want to presume (and I think I am beginning to!) .. so only you can sort this …  speak to me .. I will help in anyway I can.

You hide behind your feelings

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A beautiful poem by Nicky Petrou

You hide behind your feelings
and keep the truth locked away,
but there is so much said
in the things you don’t say

You innocently, tell me
our time has come and gone
and that we can’t go back
but I don’t believe it
and this time you’re wrong

The distance you put between us
is nothing more than time lost;
a place for your feelings to hide,
yet I can hear the love in your voice
each time we talk

My patience has no end
when it comes to loving you
and I will wait a lifetime
for you to see the truth

Real love doesn’t go away
it doesn’t fade into the past,
it goes on forever
and always finds its way back

I will wait a lifetime for you
because you are my soul,
and behind all of your doubt
I know you can’t let go

You are my soul,
and I am yours, too.
If two people were ever meant to be,
it’s me and you.

 (Nicky Petrou)

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