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I was chatting to a pal today who has found herself being single after a short fling.

She asked me “how will we know when we find the right one?” … and I had to reply, “I don’t have a clue”.

I guess when we meet someone that makes us feel “right” we just presume that they feel the same way… sadly, this is not always true.

People who leave you for the “small things” are people who are insecure in themselves, people without the strength of character to openly speak about what is bothering them … and to be honest… if the “small things” make them want to leave you, then they never loved you in the first place … love doesn’t breakdown over small things… there is always something bigger in the background … normally an open pair of legs!



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We all make mistakes in life … I have made some HUGE one’s in my time … but from each mistake I learned.   Some mistakes I “chose” to do again … ignoring the lesson I had already learned .. and that in itself was a mistake!

The thing about mistakes is that it is all part of this huge experience called life.   It is part of our nature to fuck up now and again, we are only human!

Sometimes the guilt we feel over our mistakes do, temporarily, define us … we think too deeply on them and why we made the choices we did … and that is fine … that is good, as long as we recognise that we made a mistake, we can take responsibility for it.  It is the mistakes that we deny that define us and that leads to a life that is never going to be fulfilling or happy.

Happy National Ex Day …

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Lucky to be alive…

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On my way home today, I was stuck on the windy wee roads behind a very  slow car.

The driver of the Landrover behind me obviously thought it was me that holding things up and decided to over take just as we were approaching a bend… just as he pulled out, a lorry came round the corner and he had cut in right in front of me to avoid a smash … I was already braking but had to brake so hard that I really thought I wasn’t going to stop and my back ended skidded sideways … the wooden dog gate fell over and has broken (Superglue will be used later this afternoon!) … and stuff fell off from above the cab where I store it… and worst of all pour wee Sprout was catapulted off the seat (good job for her harness!)… she did let out a yelp though!

To say I called him a “stupid bastard” is mild … and I honked my horn at him … in between doing the wanker sign… didn’t seem to give him a fright though as he went roaring past the wee car in front as soon as he got round the corner …

I pulled over at the next layby to check on Sprout but she is fine … but it didn’t half give me a fright!

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