The Neverendum … The Scottish Civil War of Words

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scotland apart

This is not a post about a Yes or No vote … this is a post about the behaviour and attitude from some on both sides of the divide.

In September the people of Scotland will vote for Independence or to stay part of the UK.

How we vote is entirely up to us … what information we believe .. and trust in .. and what information we don’t.

However, attitude amongst both sides is now at fever pitch … some posts are simply maniac … total and utter bullshit and stink of desperate measure and trying to fool the public.

What is more worrying is the divide it is bringing amongst the people of Scotland themselves.    Let’s be honest here … our history of the clans fighting amongst themselves .. our history of religious conflict .. that even extends into the game (and I stress game!) of football have meant that the people of Scotland have very rarely agreed on anything.

The Referendum is no different .. we have different views, we have taken different sides.    It does not make us less Scottish if we vote No.   It does not make us Fascists if we vote Yes.   

We are entitled to our views and what we believe is best for Scotland.   

We are NOT however entitled to insult and abuse those that do not believe in the same that we do.

Once the vote is over .. whichever way it goes .. the damage done to our reputation as Scots will not be put behind us so easily.   

We have no-one to blame but ourselves.

The power with not being in love ….

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fwbFriends with Benefits is a situation that some people find confusing,  some find it disgusting.  Others .. like me .. find it is something that suits us.

Relationships genuinely confuse me … one minute you are lovers .. sharing the most intimate parts of your life .. and body with someone .. then you break up … and in some cases become nothing to each other.

I have never quite got my head around that … maybe my brain is wired differently .. but when I have been intimate with someone I tend to care for them .. no matter how much hurt blankets it … if I am totally honest there has never been anyone I have had in my bed that I wouldn’t go out of my way to help … 

Friends with Benefits can work beautifully .. I have never had a “FWB” that has caused any upset or drama in my life … it is based on honesty, friendship and care … and a little bit of love .. but not the type of love that makes you want to spend your life with someone … something much more free than that .. a genuine warmth and affection for someone.

I have had mind blowing sex with some FWB’s … I have had boring sex in some relationships ..  but somehow the “act” of sex doesn’t matter … sometimes it is the intimacy and the affection that is important. 

For me intimacy and affection is based on honesty and truth .. and sadly I have found that easier to find in FWB’s than some relationships.    

However …. I am not knocking relationships .. I have had some long term relationships that were based on honesty and truth and I was happy … but sometimes relationships run their course … sometimes you end up being companions or just friends .. and it is hard to get back what you have lost.   

For me FWB’s give me the freedom to enjoy my life (I do not mean sleeping around!) I mean my life, as I like it … time on my own, no drama .. and the opportunity to look forward and “romance” someone … yes .. romance can play a part in FWB situation .. you can flirt, you can look forward to seeing her … you can enjoy her for who she is .. and she can enjoy you for who you are….   with no expectation, no broken promises and no losing of friendship at the end of it.    

Most FWB situations do not develop into a relationship ..sometimes they just come along at the right time .. when you need something to give you a wee smile in your life … but they do not hurt .. they do not “turn” on you ….

I am an advocate of FWB’s …. not because I do not want to be monogamous … but because I am sick of liars, backstabbers and losing friendships …  this has happened in relationships .. but never with FWB’s …

The downside of FWB’s is that sometimes someone wants more than you can give .. or want to  give … even when you are totally honest with someone they will only hear what they want to hear … and they can sometimes let their dreams turn a FWB situation to much more in their head.

So .. my only advice .. if you are considering a FWB … be honest .. do not think that it will turn into a relationship .. most do not … just accept it for what it is … enjoy … and know that you will probably always have this person in your life … and a closeness that is beautiful … you do not always have to be loved … you do not always have to love … just enjoy .. you may just find that is enough.

When life flings a curve ball ….

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Life can be a trial.  It is full of great times, ok times and bad times … and these times can change in the blink of an eye.

Through it all we will learn more about ourselves during the bad times and these times will give us a different view on life.

I have a friend at the moment who is having a very tough time … she has a lot of worry about a close family member who is very ill and she is hoping for good news .. but preparing for bad.

There are no words that will ease her pain … at times like this in our life we just need to hold on and get through them … and hold onto our thoughts and ours hopes.

It is not always easy … the pain of what we feel stabs us in the heart and becomes all that we can feel .. our main feelings are of  shock… anger… hurt… disbelief…  But hidden in all the pain and sorrow that we feel… there is something beautiful to celebrate.

You can celebrate that you are privileged and honoured to know her.

That she is a part of your life.

That you have wonderful memories that you can share.

Smile about your memories … tell her that you love her …

I truly hope that everything has a happy outcome for her … right now she needs support from her friends …  and I just want her to know that I’m here if she needs me.


Well … I tried ….

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There are times when you have to say “I give up” … I rarely give up … what ifsI am just not that type really …  but sometimes you just have to shake your head, give a wry wee smile and realise that you have been a bit of a mug.

This weekend with an old mate and her girlfriend gave me one or two eye opening moments .. there is nothing like a mate that you have known for 20 odd years to say something that suddenly makes you go “fuck … I never realised that” …

Story goes back a wee while … and I am not going to go into detail apart from to say that in my opinion I done a lot for someone .. at a time in my life where it was hard for me to do anything for myself .. maybe my mind was better away from me and trying to help someone else .. I don’t know.

Anyway … I was then put through months of guilt (which I suffer from) … Only to find out that what was being said to me and my friends was not what was being said to others …  and that is all the detail I will go into.

I hold my hands up and say I did make excuses for this behaviour ..  and I did try to forge a friendship … because this was someone I did care about…. and basically that is who I am ..  and I did think that there was enough water under the bridge to wipe out any bitterness or ill feeling from what had gone before

However It is the first time in a few years that me and my mate have had a chance to have a good old natter … and all of a sudden she said to me … “you know when you were seeing XXXXXXX  we could all see you were being used” …. it stopped me in my tracks … 

I had never thought that … but .. sadly … it now all makes sense….. do I feel a mug .. yup … do I feel used .. yup … but you know what .. I would do the same for someone else again … does that make me stupid .. maybe … but I like trying to help people ..it is not a deliberate thing I do .. it is just part of who I am … so I will continue to do it.   I do not need people to appreciate what I do  … it gives me enough pleasure just being able to try to help.    

So .. for all of you who did try to warn me (looking back .. a few did!) … Im sorry … next time be more blunt with me .. Im crap with hints .. just stay it as it is .. I may not like what you say … I may grump and moan a bit … but .. I do listen … (honest!!)



There is something that you should know …

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Life is not always fair.  What we want we can’t always have.    People hurt us .. not always because they are cruel .. but because they want different things that we do… and sometimes relationships will never work because we all have different expectations.

How we deal with our disappointment and hurt depends on what type of person we are.

Some will swing between hate and love, wanting to the hurt the person who has hurt us.   In reality in the end you will just hurt yourself.

Some deny and lie … burying the truth behind a wall of lies until in the end they cannot see the truth on the other side.. but it will still be there … waiting, like a dangerous stalker, to pop up just when you least expect it.

Some will accept graciously, acknowledge their hurt or disappointment and move on.

How you deal with things is entirely up to you.     You can stay in the comfort zone of anger and punish yourself, you can lie and deny but deep inside you know that one day your lies will catch up with you .. or .. you can simply accept, smile at the memories and free yourself of all the baggage, realising that people cannot help how they feel

The key to your happiness or your bitterness is all based around your choices, your honesty and your strength.

Whether you are strong enough to free yourself depends on no-one but you.

I made a picture post tonight …. perhaps we should concentrate on being spectactular ….


make your life spectacular






Do something useful instead!!

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Over the past week I have been bombarded by requests to post a heart on my facebook page to raise awareness of Breast Cancer … now .. excuse my sarcasm but we all KNOW it exists .. and we all know it can kill.

Let’s do something useful for a change …. if we donate just £1 towards the cause and share this link with our friends we can reach the target.

I have set up a fund raising page … take two minutes out of your time and donate just £1 … collectively it will make a difference …

OK … instead of placing useless hearts on our timeline .. let’s make a useful effort towards breast cancer. I have started a fundraising page for it … you can donate as little as £1 towards it … so instead of wasting our time with stupid hearts .. let’s do something useful ….. please share amongst your friends and let’s see if we can make a REAL difference!!   Find the fund raising page here  

Click to donate or copy the link below into your search bar.



The tragedy of depression

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Robin Williams 1978

It is with a heavy heart and some disbelief that I read about the tragic suicide of Robin Williams today.    He is someone who has amused me and made me laugh on many occasions since his first days as Mork in Mork & Mindy (showing my age now!).

Depression is a monster … as some of you know if you have followed my blog I fought my own battle with it a couple of years ago … to be honest looking back I was depressed longer than I realised simply because I never in the world thought that someone like me would ever be depressed.     My depression was brought on by stress .. it crept up slowly on me .. and some days it was nothing more than an uncomfortable irk at the back of my mind.   Never during this period did I contemplate suicide … there was no need to .. I already felt dead inside … there were days when I didn’t see any reason to continue living .. there was nothing in my life .. or perhaps rather in ME that gave me any hope.

Depression is a terrible thing .. it robs you of all feeling .. you function .. but you don’t exist.  Perhaps for some this feeling of “not existing” is so strong it takes away their will to live.

The tragedy of it all is that the only people who truly understand it are those who have been through it .. at the time it was the lowest point in my life .. It was a struggle to make everything seem normal … it was the times when I was alone that I could really just be me .. no acting, no fooling people, no trying too hard.

In the end everything that had caused me the stress had to go … it was simply a case of survival .. either it went or the stress would kill me.

I have a new life now .. a simple life that to many would seem boring .. but to me it is just perfect .. It is what I need.   I am lucky because my natural instincts took over and took me the way down my new road to peace.

I am no longer on medication for depression .. I no longer have stress … and the ability to feel good things has returned.    I am no longer “obsessed” with trying to get the truth out of people .. or trying to understand them because it simply does not matter .. my life is finally mine again .. because I was lucky enough to be able to slip under the radar and find what I need out of life.   Sadly this is something Robin Williams could not do.   Fame and riches has it’s price … and sadly for him the cost has been too great.

Nanoonoo Robin Williams .. I hope your death in some ways makes people sit up and try to understand depression.


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Advice is a great thing.   It is not always what you want to hear .. but sometimes you need to hear a different side of things to really get the full picture… 

However … sometimes “advice” is not as impartial as it seems … it can be given for someone’s own benefit or favour or out of jealousy.

We have to be adult enough to step back and listen to what is being said … not just what we want to hear .. but to what we do not want to hear to be able to form our OWN decisions.

Sadly, sometimes it is not advice we want but confirmation of our own thoughts .. we want people to agree with us whether it is right or wrong, true or false.

Weak people twist things to fit their own ideas and stories, even weaker people agree with them out of personal gain.

Something to think about …. 




Friendship and what it means

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734504_10202828674105105_1371910674_n1452311_10151844982548106_317747646_n264284_10150238263773106_8040759_n10421429_10152276994763106_1530654484335071873_n524836_10151876316372178_1856027358_n521427_10151349940781631_2072955427_n 1004419_10151544280678106_876669532_n

Last night as I lay in bed unable to sleep due to doing far too much in the garden yesterday that set off the pain in my back and leg.. I was thinking about friendship and what it means to me.

I am lucky .. I have lots of people in my life who I love and adore .. fantastic friends who have shown me kindness and understanding even at my darkest moments when they believed in me and listened to me.  Even when I didn’t believe in myself.

I am at my happiest when I am in the company of these great people in my life (I cannot post pictures of all of you!).. I know they believe in the same foundations of friendship that I do .. trust, honesty and loyalty.   I do need friends in my life .. which is the complete opposite of how I feel about a relationship … what I get from the friends I have is the mental and emotional support that some people need from a partner.

The one common factor amongst all my friends is that they say it as it is … I don’t always like what they tell me .. and sometimes I do ignore their advice .. but, without fail, in hindsight they are always right.

Sometimes, to my great regret, I have been fooled .. and I can blame that on no-one but myself .. perhaps because I tend to say things as they are .. I tend to think that people will give me enough respect to treat me in the same.   I have at times been used … and so be it … I did  know what was being said did not match up the actions .. and I accept that.   I would rather give someone a chance (sometimes more than one!) before cutting them from my life.

I know as I go through life I will gain other friends who mean as much to me as some of those in the pictures above … and that is a great thing .. you cannot force a friendship .. the best one’s just happen and you can truly open your heart and let these people see the real side of you.

So to all my friends who mean a lot to me (and you all know who you are!) thank you … to all those I have yet to meet .. I’m looking forward to it!

The speaker of memories …


In my job I meet families who are grieving for a loved one who has recently died.    The bravery of these people to sit with me and talk to me about very personal memories is something I admire.   Every family I have visited have smiled and laughed at some point as memories that often elude them at first come flooding back.   They often also have a wee cry too .. and that is fine  .. a tribute to someone’s life should be about laughter and tears .. and the stories they tell me allow me to make each tribute I take a very personal one.

I have heard stories that have made me howl with laughter .. and, on one occasion (when speaking to a family of a bit of a “loveable rogue”) was told that they couldn’t tell me some of the stories as it would make me an accomplice! 

My reputation is growing for being a Celebrant who can provide a very personal touch .. and I have 4 funerals this week … my business and my life, which has been put on hold because I couldn’t afford to do much is finally looking as if it is taking off …  BUT … the secret of my success is not in the words or stories I tell.. those come from the families ..  I am merely the speaker of memories .. but it is my ability to listen that helps me pick up on not just the words and memories but the emotional level of those .. this allows me to write a tribute that is true to each memory given to me for safekeeping.

We all have memories that are special to us … some good .. some bad ..  but they are our memories, our very own treasures that can open our hearts and our minds.

I am very honoured to be a speaker of someone’s very personal memories, being a Celebrant is a job with a lot of responsibility .. we create the last memory of someone and a memory for all those who attend the farewell.  

When my final farewell comes I hope the memories I leave will bring as many smiles to the people I love.. and who love me … and that is the finest tribute I could want.



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