Leave the drama at the door


I’m at the age where my priorities and outlook from what I want from life are much more simple and less “idealised” than what I wanted in my youth.

I no longer want to conquer the world or be a millionaire, I no longer envy what other people have because I have everything in my life that makes me contented and happy.  I would like to share this with someone.

I don’t want a partner to change or rock my world, I just want someone who understands me and my life. I simply want to keep being contented and have someone who makes me smile, understands my need for “me time” and doesn’t expect me to be the reason for their happiness or security.

I want a partner who has a life, enjoys her life, lives her life and has space in it to share some of her time with me and to look forward to our shared time together.

A relationship has to be a shared experience, not always 50/50 as sometimes one or the other will need support and understanding but it has to work both ways.

I don’t want to be rushed into things or made to feel guilty about parts of me and my make up that I have accepted and don’t want to change. I do not want to be changed, I simply want to be me, with someone who is comfortable in their own skin and life and someone that is happy to have me in their life to compliment it .. not to make it.

I want honesty, reliability and affection.  I want to compromise, not give in.   I want to laugh, not worry.

Too much to ask for?  You tell me..

Drama, drama .. and yet more drama!

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upset face

One thing that really does annoy me is the “baring of souls” on social media.   The other night on Twitter there was someone who was crying out for attention by threatening suicide.   Sad, yes.. but is it really what we want to see on public sites.  I think not. 

Facebook is much the same, we can follow romances bloom, watch the flirting and (pretty obvious) inuendoes .. and then sit back and watch it all fall apart.  Do I care .. well, not really.. in all honesty, but in the back of my mind I do feel sorry for these people, on the other hand I do wish they would bugger off!

As I get older, my patience gets shorter or maybe I am just learning to see things in a different light.

One of my great faults is guilt… I know this and it is probably the only reason I am not a master criminal!   It is not my only fault (I have a few!) but probably the one that does hold me back from saying or doing things that really should be said or done!

However, I find that as the years whoosh past my wee ears that I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin and my business skin.   I now tolerate much less than before, personally and professionally and realise that sometimes you are better off with people OUT of your personal life and bad clients out of your business life!

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