Before it is too late

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You never stop learning.

Life is like that, it constantly teaches you something.  You may not always like what you learn, but it is something happens and you have to accept that.

My new career has taught me many lessons in the short time I have been doing it.

It has taught me that people left behind feel anguish and pain that doesn’t always hit home until the final goodbye at the funeral.

I have learned that the “toughest” of people feel the pain deepest.

I have learned that nothing is guaranteed in life, apart from death.

I have given myself a new goal in life  … that I will never walk away from anything because of pride or anger.

I will forgive and move on.

I will say what I feel needs to be said and if it is not received the way I intend it to, then I will know I have tried my best.

I will not worry about people who are determined to misunderstand me, that is their choice.

I will simply love the people who are in my life and I guarantee that ever single one of my friends know that I love them.

I will never put myself into a position where I think “it’s too late”.  I do not want that pain in my heart or my head.

I have played the guilt card too often … time to realise that I have nothing to be guilty for.

Beastie in your baggage!

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All of us carry emotional baggage.   It is only natural that we do.  I often read that people want someone with “no baggage” when describing the type of partner they want.

Personally I would run from anyone who ever said to me that they had “no baggage” .. they either do not have the depth of emotional maturity that I want or that they have simply never been able to open up, take a risk and give their heart.

Our past and our “baggage” make us who we are, we should learn from our past, from our hurt and sometimes we need  time to wallow in it to fully understand how to move on properly from it.     We cannot rely on someone else to do this for us, it is personal, it is yours, you need to take responsibility for it.

You see people jump from one relationship straight into another again and again … its a cycle .. it will go on being repeated because some people just cannot bear to step back and accept reasons for failure.   These people rarely learn to love deeply or completely.   They are always chasing, searching for the thrill that they believe is love.

Sometimes you need the time and the space to unpack, examine and repack your baggage.   You learn so much about yourself and your life that it is something that everyone needs to do, and not just once, but whenever emotions have been stretched or strained.

The beastie of your baggage, although it does bite in the early days,  can actually be a very good friend.

With a little TLC of yourself and your emotions you will actually look back on your “baggage” and realise it isn’t baggage at all.. it is a memory, a lesson, a part of your life that if you had to live your life over would you really change.

Enjoy your baggage, let it hurt it you at first, learn to live with it, eventually you will come to love it.   Just give it time.


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