The beginning of the end ….

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It was the knee that got me first .. right in the face.   I wasn’t expecting it, it caught me off guard.  I felt my lip burst, the pain shooting to the back of my brain, the unexpected blow shocking me.

I tasted the blood, I felt it trickle down my chin.

I felt the pull on my hair, was I going to be scalped?   Then the nails, digging into me, like burning needles.

My eyes squeezed shut in pain, all other senses disappearing.

“Sorry” she gasped .. “I’ve never come that hard before”

I knew she really wasn’t sorry.    The smile on her face belied her apology.

She was happy.

I was bleeding.

I grabbed the nearest thing to me, which happened to be her fake silk knickers and held them to my mouth to stop the blood from dripping on my clean sheets.

“what are you doing” she yelled “those are new”.

“um bleedin” I mumbled from behind the knickers “you kneed me in the fathe”

I could feel my lip swelling as I balanced on my knees.  All feeling of passion had gone, stopped in a split second.  I doubted I would ever be able to have sex again.

“Oh quit moaning” she said as she grabbed her knickers out of my hand.

“Look at these, they are ruined” staring at me with those cool blue eyes that I been fascinated by earlier that night, but the flick of a smile at the sides of her mouth confirmed my suspicion that I had already been forgiven.

“I thaid I wath thorry” I tried, but she was already on her feet, pulling on her jeans, getting ready to leave.

She smiled at me.  “It’s late, I have to be up early for work tomorrow, or I would stay”

I looked into those eyes again and my stomach flipped again “tho .. can I thee you again” I said in my most seductive (if strangely lisping voice).

“I suppose so” she said   “how about Tuesday?”

I grabbed my phone to check my diary, “yup Tuethday ith fine, where thall we meet”

A slow smile spread across her face “how about I just come round here again, you can make pizza and we can have sex again… but hold the pizza… oh!  and I hope your mouth is better by then”

I grinned as I rolled off the bed, probably not the best thing to do when your lip is split, but I grinned anyway.

“Tuethday it ith then”  I said, being as cool and coy as I could be with a bleeding lip, standing totally naked in front of a woman I had only met earlier that night.

Again she stared at me, whether it was out of attraction or pity I wasn’t sure …but she stared at me anyway.

She reached out and softly touched my neck “Sorry for the love bites, babe.. I couldn’t help myself”

I turned and looked in the mirror.

“Jeezuth, what have you done to me!!” as I stood and stared at my own naked reflection.

“I look like I have a therious thkin problem”

She laughed .. “you will be the envy of your friends after pulling me”

She was right, it was a small price to pay, my friends would be jealous, I could show my badges of a successful pulling night off with pride.  Even if I would have to wear a polo neck for the next week.

She was dressed now.  Ready to go.

She kissed me on the cheek and whispered “thank you” in my ear.

“until Tuesday then” she said with a half smile that melted me and scared me at the same time.

I was still standing there contemplating at the bruises and the split lip.   “ok” I said, “thee you then”

She turned when she reached the door.

“I’m Kay” she said  “Nice to meet you”

I smiled again “I’m CJ… Nithe to meet you too”

…and so it began.

Slowly, softly


Slowly, softly

Under our leaf canopy the still of the forest surround us, the sound of the rain against the leaves locking us in our natural hideaway, giving us our own secret world, both of us sensing the smell and the feel of the forest around us.

I kiss your lips slowly, softly.  Pressing your body against the damp bark of the tree.   I feel your teeth on my lips, gentle, your tongue lazily flicking mine.

I drop my mouth to your neck, my tongue tipping the length of you, slowly, softly. Trailing to your shoulder, small nibbles, soft, but felt, making your breathing start that little bit faster.

I raise my head to look into your eyes as my fingers start unbuttoning your shirt.

Your eyes are heavy, I see surrender in your face as I drop my head to let my lips run over every piece of skin that becomes exposed as I slowly free your body to the warm, damp air.

Slowly, softly I flick my tongue against your nipple, rolling it gently against my teeth, first one, then the other until they stand proud and erect, damp from my mouth and the trickle of rain that drips from the leaves onto your skin.

My tongue trails down you, along your stomach, my teeth gently nibbling. My mouth sucking, slowly, softly until I hear your gentle cry.  Your hands on the back of my head urging, holding, as I gently slip your jeans down your legs, trailing my tongue down your inner thighs.  Softly, slowly.

Once more you lean back, your naked body against the damp rough bark, your hips forward, pulling me to you as the tip of my tongue slides along you, stopping briefly for gentle blows of air against you, my fingers probing, pushing in.  Slowly, softly.

You push my head harder against you, opening your legs wider, it is urgent now.  My speed quickens, fingers pushing harder and deeper into you, my lips sucking on you, then a sudden slide of my tongue along the length of you to join my fingers, unexpected, electrifying.

Quicker and harder I push, suck and slide.  The wetness of you no longer caused by the rain, the sound of the rain drained out by your urgent cries, until …

..a soft, deep moan from the depth of your soul, a rush of heat on my fingers and my face tells me that the storm is over ..

I rise, kissing you once more.   Our lips mingling with the taste of you.

Slowly, softly.

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