A new milestone …

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10410468_10152927646663106_4495425520695543460_nToday I officially fit into my size 16 jeans (skinny one’s at that!) … still big I know .. but considering I was a size 24 .. Im pretty damned pleased .. a lot of hard work, and, unbelievably, exercise has got me here … and the difference is quite noticeable .. even just from my face…  still have a long way to go yet (another 2 stone!) but slowly but surely Im getting there .. and quickly running out of clothes!! So far 10 suits have been flung out .. and no doubt a few more will go yet ..  Im even considering changing my hair (which I never do!) so letting it grow a bit so I can have a choice of what I do with it .. and I’m beginning to look less like my dad!!

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thank you

thank you

I am very lucky in life.

Okay there have been times when I had to battle to find my way and out of a feeling of nothingness that proved to be a hard time .. but a good lesson for me … but on the whole, my life has been great and it is certainly one to celebrate.

What has made my life so special is the wonderful friendships I have made over the years .. some friendships go back all the way to my school days … others not as long, but just as meaningful.

There have been people in my life who have taken without giving, but in all honesty, we have probably all done that at some point .. they don’t matter to me, as much as I don’t matter to them.

Who does matter to me are the people that I trust and respect.. and there are a lot of them… and I hope that each and everyone of them knows how much they mean to me.

I have laughed with them, cried with them, had a drink too many with them and they have listened to me during my darkest times when I have been hurt at the actions and words of others.

They have stood by me as I fell and let me pick myself up, dust myself down and get on with things in my own time but they have always been there in the background, and I knew it.. and appreciate it.

I respect all of them for who they are.. and I know they respect me, even if they do not always agree with me!, but that is what friendship is all about… and each of them knows that if I have something to say .. I will say it .. and I really appreciate when they are up front and honest with me (even if I do not agree!!) *smile*

I find it incredible that some people just do not understand or perhaps appreciate what friendship is all about, they bounce from one set of friends to another.. I call them “barren hearts” … and I’ve had a few in my life over the years .. but as age creeps up, so does a realisation that not everyone will stay in your life, for various reasons… others will come into your life and never leave, no matter how far apart you are.. or how often you see them.

I guess that is what friendship is .. Truth, Loyalty and Care  … TLC … not just Tender Loving Care … but much, much more!

Thank you my friends … each and every one of you!

The world has fallen out of my bottom …

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bathroom paper

I’m not very well today .. I wasn’t very well yesterday but hoped it would pass overnight .. well something passed overnight (a few times!!).. but it wasn’t this bug!

I had a lovely wee weekend lined up .. a day of gardening then out tonight with my great pal Barbara Anne .. all of which has now been cancelled.

My problem is that even though I feel a bit “squiffy” (and a bit tired because I didnt sleep much last night!) .. that my brain is still wanting nonsense when my body is going “no, be sensible” .. my concern is that is I am rarely sensible .. and can convince myself that ANYTHING is a good idea …  but today I will be tough on myself .. rest, lie around, be pathetic and demand sympathy from my dog etc etc …

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