ImageI have over the past couple of months had a few phone calls, normally around 1am.

When I answer there is definitely someone at the end of the phone but they never speak .. they wait a few seconds while I do the “hello .. hello” bit .. and then hang up.    This is on my home number and they withhold the number they are calling from.

I am not “worried” by these calls … rather more concerned that someone out there needs to speak to me.

I just have this feeling that I can’t quite explain that right now I’m needed but unless I know who needs me there is little I can do.

I have sent out  two emails … to people I think it may be .. but I may be wrong ..  I am just worried and today it is really playing on my mind for some reason…  intuition?   I’m not sure …

If this is you … and you are reading this .. please speak .. I don’t want to presume (and I think I am beginning to!) .. so only you can sort this …  speak to me .. I will help in anyway I can.