I was watching TV today and came upon an advert featuring Dick Fosbury (of Fosbury Flop fame).

It got me thinking.

I have achieved much in my life.   I have also lost much.

Through it all I have learned lessons, broken hearts, had my heart broken and grown as a person.

What was important to me when I was younger has changed from being rich and successful to being happy and peaceful.

I no longer want the dream.  I want the truth.   I want a relationship where a partner doesn’t just say things .. but actually does mean them.   Someone who knows how to love, how to appreciate me for all my  good points and my bad points. Someone who knows the difference between being alone and being lonely.

.. and most importantly someone who understands what being in a relationship and being a partner is all about.. someone who can appreciate that I becomes we.

The simple things .. the open and honest things.  The right things.