I went for a wee walk earlier… just down to the pier at Limekilns to give Brae a wee run on the beach.

It is a bright, windy day today and there other people walking, flinging sticks for dogs and generally having a good time.

There were two small girls standing on the beach, jumping back to avoid the waves wetting their shoes and laughing their little hearts out …

One of them then took the end of her scarf in both hands and was running up the beach with the scarf billowing out behind her.

It took me back … to a wee memory that made me smile.

The funny thing is .. at the time of the original happening it didn’t make me smile … it was the start of a bad time for me … but now when I look back I can smile .. infact .. I even had a wee laugh!

Sometimes you do not appreciate the small things in life.. today I did.