Over the past week I have been bombarded by requests to post a heart on my facebook page to raise awareness of Breast Cancer … now .. excuse my sarcasm but we all KNOW it exists .. and we all know it can kill.

Let’s do something useful for a change …. if we donate just £1 towards the cause and share this link with our friends we can reach the target.

I have set up a fund raising page … take two minutes out of your time and donate just £1 … collectively it will make a difference …

OK … instead of placing useless hearts on our timeline .. let’s make a useful effort towards breast cancer. I have started a fundraising page for it … you can donate as little as £1 towards it … so instead of wasting our time with stupid hearts .. let’s do something useful ….. please share amongst your friends and let’s see if we can make a REAL difference!!   Find the fund raising page here  

Click to donate or copy the link below into your search bar.