The change in my life since meeting Linda is unbelievable… we had a great 10 days together, culminating in a 2 night Lodge stay at Loch Goil. Next weekend I’m off down south for 5 days at Linda’s, which will include a trip to London to see Motown, followed by a meal at a secret location because she wants to surprise me!…. we then have a weekend booked at Glencoe House at the end of the month… a weekend at a spa hotel in Grantham while I take avow renewal for one of my army pals and her hubby… then a weekend with friends at pods at Loch Katrine!…. in April we are spending a week at her timeshare in Madeira and in October 2019, a weeks cruise around the Med with Olivia lesbian cruises!!! I can’t really believe the change in my life… not only have I met the most perfect woman… but all she wants to do is spoil me… I am struggling with that aspect a little… I just buy wee things for her… but she appreciates everything and me… for that I am so grateful!! Life is good.