self worth

2018 … a year I will be glad to see the back of.

As years go, this has certainly been a tough one for me …. it left me doubting myself and really sitting back and thinking about my life.

It took a long time to realise that people lie and cheat to cover up who they are, not as a reflection of me, but as a reflection of them.

This year has seen me cheated on, lied to, and being on the end of a cruel mouth … three women who have little thought for their own actions and words.

I know I am lucky to be free of all three of them, although sometimes the mind is a cruel friend, and makes you believe that someone is not who they really are.  Reality shows you differently.

2019 will be a year of “real” … no more fake, no more being a stepping stone or being used by women who really need to sort their  lives and their problems out, before they leave even more chaos in their wake.