The end of the year is always a time of reflection, and perhaps the last year of the decade is the time for not just looking back over the past year, but the past 10.

It has been a decade of great change for me, in good and bad ways.

I have a new career, I’ve been to many beautiful places and a few places where I never want to return to again.

I have celebrated, laughed, cried, played a fool and been made a fool but at the end of everything I have somehow managed to come out the otherside, bruised and a bit tatty, my confidence and judgement have sometimes left me but slowly I have pulled myself back together.

I have a new woman in my life that really does understand how emotionally and mentally draining my job is … and how sometimes I can be a crabby wee bugger, not at anything in particular, but just because I tend to be very open about how I feel … I don’t hide things … what you see is what you get.  Whether you like it or not.

I intend to carry on the same way during the next decade!

Happy New Year and I wish you all a peaceful heart and mind.