I have learned that I should always listen to my gut instinct.    I often “consider” things .. weigh them up .. and then make a choice based on my decision.   More often than not I am wrong.    In retrospect my gut instinct has always been right … I have merely convinced myself otherwise.

We all have gut instinct … we all “know” things .. that perhaps we do not want to accept. We “know” when a lover is saying the right things.. but actions prove otherwise.  We “know” when a relationship is over .. but we can’t let go.    We “know” when we love, who we love.. but we cannot always let our instinct take over .. instead we reason, or agree with our ego and fear, letting them win over our instinct.

The more at peace I find myself, the more I realise how loudly my gut instinct shouts at times …  I have an ocean of emotional intellgence and instinct inside me,  if I just let myself trust in it a bit more.

I was talking to some friends yesterday about connections we make with other people, true honest connections that are not easy to find, but are pure and honest.    I honestly believe that I was blind to this sort of connection, not deliberately, but because of various other factors in my life that took over my thoughts and concentration.    I forgot how to just “be”  .. how to relax .. how to feel… everything was planned and sorted in my head .. maybe it had to be .. but I realise now that all I had to do was trust my instinct .. it certainly would have lost me a lot of stress!

Instinct is a primal thing.. we felt things long before we could think about them.  Animals have instinct, they need it to survive.  We should remember that … go with what we feel, not what we think.

I am certainly beginning to trust my feelings over my thoughts … and I do not think that is a bad thing at all!