Just back in from my second “Clubbercise” Class … and it wasn’t any easier this week!

I still get all confused with the steps and how the “young un’s” can bounce on the spot like that I have no idea!

I am easily the oldest in the class, but not the biggest, and it is great fun.  Not at all pretentious and there are a couple of other classes that I am looking at.   I can’t manage them all because of my hip and knees but I quite fancy “boogie bounce” on the small trampolines, that the trainer recommended … so I have booked myself in for that next week!… I may even give boxercise a go … but maybe in a month or two!

I have decided to exercise 3 times a week … I don’t really have time to do more than that but between Water Aerobics at Alloa and perhaps Dunfermline or Cowdenbeath and they gym studio in Inverkeithing, I should manage to fit 3 in …. I am going to make it a priority and work around the classes I want to do.

Shockingly, I have also invested in a pair of gym leggings … but there will be no pictures of that!