The dreaded C word

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It’s a very difficult time for all of us, not least my families who are facing funerals with only close family in attendance, probably soon to be changed to closed funerals with no service allowed.

As a full time self employed Celebrant, who rents rather than owns my own home, things may soon get very more difficult… And I am very concerned.

By rights, as a diabetic, the advice is I should batten down the hatches and have no social contact. Which means I should not be working.

This is an impossible situation for me, if I don’t work, I don’t earn… I could lose my home and car… everything in fact.

I guess if it does get that bad, I will survive… but my house is my home, my safe place, where I have once again found my peace.

Things are happening so fast that none of us really knows what lies ahead… think I may be buying a tent and a bike!


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2020… woohoo

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I’ve had a pretty quiet Christmas, we both fell victim to a horrible flu type bug that just wiped us out… I still had to work but every spare minute was spent sleeping on one of the couches!

Thankfully, even though I’m still coughing like an auld hag, I’m definitely feeling better and managed to have a lovely day today.

Tomorrow we are off up north for a couple of days… let’s hope the dogs behave in the hotel!

For you… for me

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The end of 2019

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The end of the year is always a time of reflection, and perhaps the last year of the decade is the time for not just looking back over the past year, but the past 10.

It has been a decade of great change for me, in good and bad ways.

I have a new career, I’ve been to many beautiful places and a few places where I never want to return to again.

I have celebrated, laughed, cried, played a fool and been made a fool but at the end of everything I have somehow managed to come out the otherside, bruised and a bit tatty, my confidence and judgement have sometimes left me but slowly I have pulled myself back together.

I have a new woman in my life that really does understand how emotionally and mentally draining my job is … and how sometimes I can be a crabby wee bugger, not at anything in particular, but just because I tend to be very open about how I feel … I don’t hide things … what you see is what you get.  Whether you like it or not.

I intend to carry on the same way during the next decade!

Happy New Year and I wish you all a peaceful heart and mind.




If it’s love

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It’s not..

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