I am a bit fed up with this cold weather. 

I know I have a wee bit of a dodgy left leg but all this cold is making it very painful at the moment and I am finding it very hard to get comfy at night.  Last night I was “sent” to the spare room because of my tossing and turning.  Not only that but for some reason the cold seems to be affecting my left arm and hand too .. I must have a weaker left side.  I have a constant feeling in my arm and hand that feels like the blood is rushing back in .. bloody annoying and I’m feeling a bit of an old git!

I am definitely a woman of two halves at the moment .. bad dodgy left side and perfect happy right side! … I wish it would warm up .. I’m sure it would make moving around much easier!

I am a bit taken aback by how much I am feeling the cold this year .. I was the type of person who NEVER wore a coat!  Now I don’t want to take it off .. I think I have lost the race with old age .. it has caught me and is enjoying running riot with my body!

I may have to invest in a thermal long sleeved vest and some thermal long johns! .. I don’t care if they are old fashioned and a bit stupid .. as long as they help me I may just do it!

Look out for sexy pictures on my blog   Haaaaaa!