I have a cold.  It is not swine flu or man flu, just a cold. 

I have a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing fits, coughing fits and a sore throat.  I do not feel particularly ill (actually not at all!) but it is bloody annoying.   I had a rotten cough for weeks that only disappeared about a month ago and now I’m coughing like and old fishwife all over again!

I am trying to do some work on our business blog at the moment .. it is a lot different to this one as it is “profeshinal” and takes a lot more thought.

I asked on Twitter for comments on it and received some very interesting replies – mainly positive but a couple that had problems with the layout.  One of my contacts asked to call me.  Turns out he has just won a big award for his blog and he gave me some fantastic tips and guidelines about layout, about RSS feeds (I had no clue what they were!) and other great resources that allows me to search blogs, websites and all social media sites for mentions of the company or anything else that I want to search for.

I was really surprised that he took the time to have an interest and wanted to help me.  The result is that I completely changed the format of the blog and I have some fantastic ideas (he sent me a list of things I could blog about).

It goes to show that sometimes even with the briefest of contact on Twitter, Facebook and the like you really can meet people who can help you, without expecting any benefit from it.

A lesson for us perhaps?