I read a very interesting blog yesterday from my good pal and business colleague Jane Woods   http://www.changingpeople.co.uk/2010/stop-talking-to-your-partner/

It got me thinking…

One of the major breakdowns in any relationship, business or personal,  is the lack of communication, whether this is based on the fact that people just lose interest in listening or whether they just cannot communicate how they feel.

There is also the danger of miscommunication – these days social media has opened up a new route for people to communicate but we still have thoughts that we have to put in writing.  Thoughts and emphasis sometimes come out very different in the written word simply due to the lack of personal knowledge of that person or the lack of facial or vocal expression.

This has been a difficult week for me in my personal life .. my communication skills have suddenly hit a new time low and not just with one person..  I didn’t think I was to blame for any of the problems .. but the fact that it has happened twice in one week (and quite major misunderstandings) with two unconnected people makes me think the problem may be me.

I am tired trying to be heard and failing and I feel locked in my own little world .. and wondering if I am the only person in the world who thinks the way I do .. which is not something I have felt since my teens.

I am seriously thinking about taking a break from things and disappearing into the wilds of Scotland somewhere, where I don’t have to talk, don’t have to listen and don’t have to agree with anyone apart from me.

The person I need to listen to the most is me .. and I think Ive forgotten how to do that.