ohhhh dear …. after my Clubbercise class last night (the first bit of exercise in a few years!) … my poor legs feel as if they are seizing up! … but on the plus side, I slept like a log last night!

I really enjoyed the class last night, all ages, shapes and sizes and everyone was very friendly … it is a small private gym in Inverkeithing and they run other classes that I might go along to alongside the Clubbercise …

Today, I woke up full of beans (in spite of the stiff legs) … I have written 2 Eulogies and half way through another … but I am going to stop for a wee while and take Sprout along to her play class in Glenrothes.

Tonight I am out and about in Dunfermline with some old friends that I grew up with in the village… haven’t seen them in around 40 years! so it will be great to catch up.

However, it has not all been good today …. I just tried my new eyebrow trimmer thing out .. and have taken my left eyebrow almost completely off! … luckily the trimmer came with a free eyebrow pencil so I have had to draw part of it back on! …. what a pratt!

Right … off to find a pair of trousers that still fit … my weight loss is going so good Im finding everything is too big! … long may it continue!