I have treated myself to a Fitbit … or Fatbit’s as I call them …  it is quite amazing what it totes up … seemingly during the night I woke up 14 times and climbed a flight of stairs … I have NO idea what I was dreaming about … I don’t remember waking up 14 times either … a couple of times yes … but no wonder I am tired in the morning if my sleep is being disrupted that much!

Made a mad dash from Dunfermline to Alloa today for my “Golden Girls” time in the pool … I had planned to go this Friday too but I have taken 4 funeral bookings today and need to use Friday afternoon for visits … although I think I can still (at the moment) manage a session in Dunfermline … but I will wait and see on work!

Next week is going to be a nightmare … 8 funerals, my car going in for repair after some idiot ran into it in Tesco’s car park just before Christmas (and didnt leave a note)… and my bedroom and office are being decorated! … I am just glad I have a spare bedroom … I will need to sleep in there and work in the living room!

The house is really coming together now … nice and bright and just how I want it … in fact, my life is really coming together … even though I am run off my feet with work, I am still managing to exercise, my diet is going well and the weight is dropping off and my back is feeling a lot better (thanks to an amazing physio!) …

So far 2019 is being amazing … long may it continue!