From the moment we are born we are forced by nature to take a leap of faith. We learn to talk, to walk, to ride a bike, to letting go of our parents hand and stepping out into the big brave world of the unknown in front of us.

We go to school, we learn how to make friends.

We grow up, we learn about love and about how the world works and we forget the joy of just taking a step into the unknown, taking a risk because of our past, our fears, our assumptions and our ability to analyse and in many cases over analyse.

Now and then, if we are lucky, something unexpected comes along that makes us sit back and think and realise that we have reached a crossroads where we can decide to carry on the same path of safety and protection or to take a deep breath and just let go and allow ourselves to see where we land.

A child never has these thoughts, a child just accepts that life is about learning, about new experiences and about “becoming”.    Sadly as adults we do have more of an awareness about hurt, about trust and about self protection, which is no bad thing… but sometimes stops us from really living.

A Child’s Window

Smiling faces from beneath the hoods

their future as colourful as the sleeping spring.

The paths they walk lead to home,

The walls they climb are made of stone.

But soon, too soon, their play will end,

hopes and dreams left behind,

they wander now down paths of fate.

So let them play and learn their game,

let them dream and speak their minds.

For a child has eyes where we are blind.