Some days, no matter what you do, things go wrong … I am not exactly reknowned for my patience when I am the one to blame for mishaps and today was no exception.

On the plus side I did manage to write two tributes … but both were hard work and I still can’t shake this feeling of being so weary!

I then decided to fiddle around with Alice (not as dodgy as it sounds … Alice is my motorhome) … I have a problem with the lights not working on 12v or on mains and me and yesterday my pal Jane couldn’t work out if the fridge is working or not… there is no indicator light to show.

Anyway after huffing and puffing for half an hour to try to get the fuse box lid thing off I gave up in a strop (under a cloud of lots of swear words!) … not that I would really want to touch the fuses anyway as I am a bit funny with electrics (I don’t even change a plug) … but I thought if I could see what type of fuse it needed, I could ask my brother to do it.

But no matter how I tried my hands just wouldn’t work properly to get it off … it is awkward but more nimble fingers are needed…. I had the same problem earlier with the curtains .. I wanted to take them off to wash them, but can’t get my fingers into the right angle to get it off the funny wee clips that motorhomes have.

I flung a strop … one of my “why can’t I do this” strops … I hate getting old and not being able to do the things I used to do and between my back and my hands I really am getting annoyed with myself.  Sometimes I just need to vent … this is one of those times.