There is good and bad in every situation and every emotion that we feel.

For most of us we recognise the difference between negative stress and positive stress, a fulfilling love and a destructive love, and a sense of happiness that comes from within or that we have to find from elsewhere.

Some of us have had all three negatives hit us at once and it is very hard to describe what it feels like when your head cannot stop thinking and you just stop feeling anything positive or good at all.  These are dark, destructive times when it takes most of our determination to just get up and plod on through the day, we stop living, we start existing.

However, these times do pass.. we find our path again, we find ourselves again and life starts turning around until one day we suddenly realise that we are happy, content and looking forward to living again.   

This is not always achieved on our own merits, but by the love and care of our friends.  I have a few people to be very thankful to .. I will not embarrass them by naming them but they know the times I have felt happy in their presence, calm, laughing and allowing me to be me .. I am very grateful for those times.    I will never be able to repay some of these people for the fantastic gift of peace and fun that they managed to give me back.  

I will not forget.