The sad events of last Monday will be remembered across the world forever.  

It was a scene of celebration for those runners who would never be superstars but ran for self fulfillment or for charity, and their supporters, who encouraged and cheered the tired legs and weary minds towards the finishing line.

In a second the scene changed.   The bloodied and the dead lay on the ground, the runners confused ran on, stopped, ran back, the scene was chaos.    A minute later a second explosion rang out.  This was not a bomb attack for attention, this was an attack to maim and kill. 

The culprits are brothers from the old Russia, who have lived in the USA for many years.   One is already dead, and at the time of writing, the other is on the run.

It is likely he will not be taken alive, either through his own hands, or by a quick bullet from the police.

We will maybe never know what made these 2 young men turn against a country that offered them the freedom and the opportunity that they had never had before.  What mad dream gave them the idea to turn against America, and it’s people, young and old and murder.

I doubt we will ever know.    Terrorism by individuals is the hardest to defend against, you cannot spot your enemy, a sane person cannot understand a madman.

I hope the victims of the Boston tragedy learn to live with this, to find a reason in their lives to be eventually thankful for the pain and tragedy that they are going through and I wish the families who have lost part of their souls the peace to one day forgive themselves for the guilt and loss they will suffering.

I wish you peace now Boston.