I have today stopped smoking.

At the moment I have a patch on, chewing gum in mouth, lozenges sitting on the side and an electric cigarette!   

I am determined to stop this time.   I have said for a good few months that I “was going to stop” .. but the choice of when has been taken away from me with the fact that I am now unemployed after the closure of my business.    I simply cannot afford to smoke!

I know I have a major fault when it comes to doing things for myself.. I simply do not do them .. I tend to do things for other people but this time .. it is for me..  and the moths that are now living in my wallet!!  *grin*

Anyway…. today is day 1 … and already I noticed the smell of smoke when I got into my car to go to the clinic about my back today.     

I do however look like a demented hamster with my chewing …..

Oh well …. *smile*