I only wanted to move the printer and the small cabinet it sits on a couple of inches .. It isnt particularly heavy … but I think it may have been the angle I was bending over at …. whatever .. my lower back has gone into a spasm.

It is not a major spasm (thankfully!) .. but painful enough to make walking, sitting and lying painful and difficult … there is just no comfortable position!

It has been a couple of years since I had a spasm this bad … it is annoying, frustrating and makes me swear …. I can’t even have a ciggie because I have given up and have none in the house .. and can’t have a drink because of the pain killers… and can’t have a back massage because I’m bliddy single! LOL

… I have my grumpy chicken face on …. I am due to be going to a party tonight … I am hoping the pain eases off a bit … it had better!!!   

Grump, winge, moan, whinnnnnneeeeeeeee