I have no excuses.   No-one to blame.   It is up to me.

I have had a month of great change in my life.   From closing the business, becoming unemployed and starting off a new career as a Celebrant.

It takes time to work out what you want, what makes you happy and what you need in life.   It took me over two years to figure it all out, perhaps I haven’t figured it all out yet but I know that I am definitely well along my way.

I have my new career, I have stopped smoking (although sometimes I could still kill for a ciggie!) and the next part is the weight/health thing …  I am planning to start cycling, it doesn’t bother my back so much as walking and I am hoping that if I lose weight my back problems will ease up anyway! 

Whether this new life and career I am trying to make for myself works is down to me… no-one else, just me.. so for once in my life I am going to say “it IS all about me!” .. and get on and sort it!