ImageI was reading one of the blogs I follow today  and she has listed 20 things that “happy people” have in common.

I read the list and (like Gail!) discovered that all of them (apart from 17!) are things that I do!  and number 17 is something that I want to improve on.    I gave up smoking a month ago and the next priority is booking water aerobic classes and getting on my bike! (my back does not allow me to walk as far as I would like to!)…

So … have a wee read through the list … it is quite interesting!

20 common factors of Happy People

1) They surround themselves with happy people

2) They cultivate resistance and strength

3) They TRY to be happy

4) They are mindful of “the good”

5) They appreciate simple pleasures

6) They devote some time to giving

7) They let themselves lose track of time

8) They have deeper conversations

9) They spend money on other people

10) They make a point to listen

11) They have in-person connections

12) They look on the bright side

13) They value music & the arts

14) They unplug from the world

15) They get spiritual

16) They spend time sleeping

17) They make exercise a priority

18) They laugh lol

19) They walk the walk

20) They question their happiness