I am sitting her tonight listening to the crackle of the fire and the drum of the rain on the windows.

The house is warm,   Brae (the dog!) is sleeping, as are Bo and Jilly (the cats!).

I have been working today … finalised two Eulogies, recorded all the music and labeled the CD’s.

I feel relaxed, warm and safe.

I have had a lovely weekend, even though I have been working.   I have met two lovely familes (well … one of them I already knew as they are my neighbours!) .. had my first taste of Sloe Gin (thanks to my neighbours!) … had a Viper call from my lovely friends Maddy and Ina to say that they are coming over to visit in August (much excitement!) … and then I had a call from my fabby cousin Emma in New Zealand … I am off there the last week in October for three weeks to conduct her civil partnership to her lovely girlfriend Ange and then to have a wee holiday doodling around exploring things!

I am currently looking at flights … and trying to work out the best way to get there .. but I will work it all out eventually!!

All in all … my life is pretty damn good at the moment … and I know that I am lucky .. my new business is really beginning to take off and I am absolutely loving it … I just wish I had done it years ago!

2014 is already shaping up to be a fantastic year.. and even though I have given up trying to find someone to warm my heart .. I have this feeling that I am going to surprise myself….  who knows…. time will tell!