I have, on the whole, had a very charmed life.

A lucky life.

I have played for Scotland at hockey, I have served in the army, I have run my own businesses … and now I have a completely new life that just suits me down to the ground.

I have loved, I have lost, I have hurt, I have laughed, I have cried, I have lived the full emotional spectrum some good, some bad ,,, but I have lived … I have had a great life.

I have found my place, I have found my peace and I am happy.

But …. one thing I have always wanted to do is visit New Zealand … and yesterday I booked my ticket!!

I am off to Rotorua, in North Island to conduct the civil partnership of my cousin Emma to her girlfriend Ange .. and I am combining it with a bit of a sightseeing holiday.

It took me ages to work out the best way to get there .. it was trying to find a balance between cost and time … 54 hours was far too long for me to consider .. especially since I will be travelling on my own…. but in the end I chose Singapore Airlines .. simply because it was a great balance between cost and time .. and they flew from Edinburgh!

I am very excited … although I know I will have to curtail other parts of my life until my new business is a little busier but I do not mind that .. in the end I will achieve what I want to achieve .. and I can’t wait!!   Come on October .. hurry up!!!